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FOROURS – 2012 Collection

There is no denying that running and other fitness related activities have become popular over the last couple of years. One of the catalysts for the resurgence of the running movement is GIRA, acronym for Gyakusou International Running Association, a running team led by the enigmatic Jun … READ MORE


FOROURS x ZOZOTOWN – Capsule Collection

Team GIRA started as a group of friends, Jun Takahashi, GO and Yasumune with a mutual interest in running and each designer working in the fashion industry. Though over time the team have evolved to collaborations with Nike and they had established FOROURS. The second collection is … READ MORE



Team Gyakusou International Running Association, also known for its shorter abbreviated name Team GIRA, is a running team led by acclaimed designer Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER. The loosely formed team include his friends and neighbors, Go and Yas who are also involved in the fashion industry. Therefore … READ MORE