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FRANK151 Japan - Gold Gun Fire Glock-shaped Lighter 01

FRANK151 Japan – “Gun Fire” Glock-shaped Lighter

Due to very tight regulation on guns in Japan, the Japanese are fond of model guns and replica guns. However, this latest gadget from FRANK151 Japan is no ordinary toy. It is indeed a lighter in a shape of a Glock, albeit slightly smaller than the real … READ MORE

FRANK151 Japan - Spring 2014 Collection Lookbook 05

FRANK151 Japan – Spring 2014 Collection Lookbook

As we pray for the weather to get warmer, the Japanese counterpart of FRANK151 has started delivery of their Spring 2014 collection. This season, the collection theme revolves around Frank Weekend Club, a notion of relaxing and having fun on weekends. In total there are 38 pieces … READ MORE

FRANK151 Japan - VIP Edition Accessories Collection 00

FRANK151 Japan – “V.I.P.” Edition Accessories Collection

One could argue that gold is the new black, although some may beg to differ, claiming the opulent color never left the center stage. Either way, FRANK151 Japan is focusing on gold this season, titling these items The Gold Collection. Furthermore, each product is detailed with this … READ MORE

FRANK151 Japan - Winter 2013 Collection Lookbook 01

FRANK151 Japan – Winter 2013 Collection Lookbook

Carrying over the disco theme from their parties and events in Tokyo, FRANK151 Japan created their Winter 2013 collection lookbook around the same theme. Pulling in favors from their good friends, the garments and accessories are modeled by DJs, rappers, dancers, and designers that represent the nightlife … READ MORE


FRANK151 Japan – Fall 2013 Collection Lookbook

Themed around the concept of ‘school’, FRANK151 Japan launched their newest lookbook for the Fall 2013 season. Although the theme is loosely interpreted onto the garments, the varsity-inspired graphics are hard to dislike. Unlike their previous collections, these items are steering away from straightforward branding, where in … READ MORE


FRANK151 Japan – The Gold Collection

FRANK151 Japan conceived The Gold Collection, just in time for the beginning of summer. This season evoke thoughts of beaches, sunshine, bikini clad girls, blue skies, parties, and many other sights that are associated with the city of Miami. The team in Japan paid homage to Miami … READ MORE


Stussy x FRANK151 Japan – Cult Club Collection Part 2

Almost a week ago, Stussy and FRANK151 Japan launched their Cult Club Collection. Today, we are treated with the second installment from the two brands, inviting international collaborators. In this series, they have worked with PM Ken/Positron, Estevan Oriol/Stephen Malbon, Kunichi Nomura/EZ, Akeem The Dream/ZYS, and Patta/Vinz. … READ MORE


FRANK151 Japan – Summer 2013 Collection Lookbook

FRANK151 Japan is gearing up for a busy summer as they launch their collection lookbook for the Summer 2013 line. The obvious inspiration for this collection is summer, taking the flamingo graphics from FRANK151’s Chapter 28 Miami Issue. Furthermore, they are continuing with their FRANK’S CULT CLUB … READ MORE