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American Apparel Buys Warrior Of Radness | Video

The current economic condition certainly makes a few odd bedfellows, the most recent being the purchase of Warriors of Radness by American Apparel. Announced over the weekend, many first thought the haphazard email, titled “We’ve Sold Out! The Battle is over but the WOR has just begun”, … READ MORE


FRESHJIVE Spring 2011 River’s Edge | Lookbook

If Scott Sternberg’s Band of Outsiders is merely suggestive of his disassociation with his former life as a Hollywood agent, them River’s Edge, the Spring 2011 Collection Lookbook from FRESHJIVE is a true facsimile of a life “off the grid”, known all too well by its Creative … READ MORE


FRESHJIVE – Fall 2010 – Lookbook

Established as a celebration of the nonconformist attitude, apparel label FRESHJIVE still has the capacity to shock the system when it completely departed the market it helped to create and bound for unknown territory a few years ago.  Now, with a new direction and an undisclosed label … READ MORE


Capsule Show 2010 – Freshjive – Holiday 2010

After previewing the upcoming Spring 2011 collection from Freshjive, let’s rewind a little bit and go back in time to visit the Holiday 2010 collection set to release at the end of the year. Freshness has picked out some interesting pieces from the collection to give all … READ MORE


Capsule Show 2010 – Freshjive – Spring 2011

Rid of labels doesn’t mean Freshjive is getting rid of colors or personality. The revamped California-born label kicks it with relaxed knits and tropical pastel (if that is a likely combination, you will see it here) with some seeming ethnic prints. A small collection of Freshjive’s Spring … READ MORE


Freshjive – Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

Freshjive may have started out as a terse streetwear label with an unapologetic and no conformist spirit, always aiming to shock with their irreverent punch lines and graphics. However, after years of playing the anarchists, the Freshjive boys who ran about town have grown up, and with … READ MORE


Freshjive – Special Edition LA Revenge T-Shirt | Sold Out

Remember exactly two years ago when the Boston Celtics pounded the Los Angeles Lakers, which resulted in Kobe walking away angry. Lakers fans, which includes one of the pioneers of streetwear, Freshjive,  are back tonight with a vengeful passion. In approximately half an hour, the battle to … READ MORE

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FRESHJIVE – Summer 2010 Collection

The usual witty sense of humor, sexual and drug references and political messages fill the Summer 2010 collection from FRESHJIVE. Consisting of Summer items such as button down shirts, t-shirts, tank tops and shorts that would be perfect at home, at the beach, or at a night … READ MORE


FRESHJIVE – Spring 2010 | Second Delivery

FRESHJIVE might have overhauled its own logo and opted for a rebellious void as their new advocacy, but this does not mean the label cannot adopt something new and more caustic. Aside from suggestive graphics that pair sex, drugs and rock-and-roll with political and social issues with … READ MORE


FRESHJIVE – Spring 2010 | First Delivery

Freshjive might have lost its logo, but it has definitely not lost its voice. In fact, without branding, it seems as if the quintessential label founded in 1989 by Rick Klotz to reflect his Californian lifestyle had garnered quite a ferocious opinion regarding the world. The label’s … READ MORE