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Lakai x Mike Carrol x FTC – Select Low

Mike Carroll is as much an icon in San Fransisco skateboard culture as http://ftcsf.com/news/2009/12/introducing-the-lakai-x-mike-c.php”>FTC and they have both captured the hearts of skaters around the world. Even after all these years, both Carroll and FTC have stayed at the forefront of skateboarding and back in the beginning … READ MORE


FTC x Burton – 3L Slick | FTC Exclusive

San Francisco’s http://ftcsf.com”>FTC had been around since skateboarding evolved from a surf culture sport into a part of the urban life back in the early nineties. For the past 25 years, FTC had shared a committed relationship with http://burton.com”>Burton, and to commemorate the past quarter of a … READ MORE


FTC – Autumn/Winter 2009 | October Releases

San Francisco’s http://ftcsf.com/”>FTC have dropped their latest items from their Autumn/Winter 2009 collection. It consists of good mix of outerwear and t-shirts that reflect the grassroots personality of the brand in colorful skateboarder’s taste. Functional items for the upcoming season such as Clinton jacket and Adams down … READ MORE


FTC x David Horvath – My Friend Dave

Well known for his children like drawing style and toy designer of Ugly Dolls and toy maker In The Yellow, http://davidhorvath.com”>David Horvath have teamed up with http://ftcsf.com”>FTC for a collaboration project called My Friend Dave. The project comprises of t shirt and skateboard deck featuring Dave, a … READ MORE


FTC x HECTIC – Hectic Kings T shirt

In an East meets West style, San Fransisco’s http://ftcsf.com” target=”_blank”>FTC got together with Tokyo’s http://madhectic.com/” target=”_blank”>HECTIC for this double name t shirt called Hectic Kings with graphics provided by Jonah Levin. Jonah Levin is a tatoo artist whose also responsible for some artwork for skateboard companies such as … READ MORE


FTC – 2009 Spring Delivery One

http://ftcsf.com” target=”_blank”>FTC has been repping for their city, San Fransisco, for well over decades and still going strong. Their 2009 Spring drops have been released and here are some previews of the items as well as snaps from their look book. With the core market being skateboarders, their … READ MORE


SAGLIFE x FTC- Megatron Backpack

With a strong heritage in snowboarding, http://gaudi-sag.com/” target=”_blank”>SAGLiFE back packs and messenger bags have been making noise in Japan and around the world. Firing up the popularity is the rise of fixed gear bicycle culture proving their messenger bags and back packs are as aesthetically pleaseing as being very functional. … READ MORE

FTC x SAGLIFE (SAGLIFE) - Megatron 2 Backpack

FTC x SAGLIFE – Megatron 2 Backpack

Like so many rider, John Igei, a member of the http://ftcsf.com/” target=”_blank”>FTC skate team, couldn’t find a suitable bag that is both well balanced and able to make the transition between storing skate decks, snowboard boots, or bike gears.  So working with http://gaudi-sag.com/” target=”_blank”>SAGLIFE (or http://gaudi-sag.com/” target=”_blank”>SAGLIFE), … READ MORE

FTC - Fall/Winter 2008 Collection

FTC – Fall/Winter 2008 Collection

Over 20 years in the game and still going strong, skate shop http://ftcsf.com/” target=”_blank”>FTC (http://ftcsf.com/” target=”_blank”>For The City) introduced its Fall and Winter 2008 collection 2 weeks ago with an even wider assortment of apparel.  Modeled by long time supporters and friends, the upcoming collection includes coach … READ MORE

SAGLIFE x FTC - M-65 Jacket

FTC x SAGLIFE – M-65 Jacket

It was its ruggedness and versatility that won over the General Infantry troops during World War 2. Even when the war was over, veterans still relied on their M-65 jackets as they returned to civilian lives.  The dependability of this military wear continues today, as urbanities find … READ MORE

FTC x SAGLIFE (SAGLIFE) - Megatron Backpack

FTC x SAGLIFE – Megatron Backpack

Like so many rider, John Igei, a member of the http://ftcsf.com” target=”_blank”>FTC team, couldn’t find any good bag that is well balanced and able to make the transition between storing skate decks, snowboard boots, or bike gears.  So working with http://gaudi-sag.com” target=”_blank”>SAGLIFE (or http://gaudi-sag.com” target=”_blank”>SAGLIFE), the duo … READ MORE