Futura Laboratories x maharishi Collection summary

FUTURA LABORATORIES x maharishi Collection

maharishi and FUTURA have teamed up for their fullest collaborative collection to date, which includes two hooded sweatshirts, a chambray-style button up shirt, and two versions of maharishi’s signature Snopant. The London-based label has featured the art of FUTURA on a number of pieces, and while this … READ MORE

futura pointman iphone case summary

FUTURA LABORATORIES – El Pointman iPhone 4 Case

FUTURA fans who want to show their affinity through an iPhone 4 case will soon have one more option. We recently covered the “ICONOGRAPHY” iPhone 4 case, featuring designs by the O.G. graffiti artist, and now we have a preview of another iPhone case bearing his artwork. … READ MORE


FUTURA LABORATORIES Iconography – Air Jacket For iPhone 4

Futura 2000’s Iconography artwork, which notably appeared on a bike created for Lance Armstrong, now comes to a case for the iPhone 4. Available from Futura Laboratories, the Air Jacket for iPhone 4 has a very sleek profile, and is available in either solid black, or clear/black. … READ MORE

60.40 Cloth Jacket Black

FUTURA LABORATORIES – 60/40 Cloth Jacket

Before all of the modern hi tech fabrics and coatings, there was the 60/40 cloth fabric. It was developed for outdoor use and contains 60 percent cotton and 40 percent nylon in one fabric. The idea is that the cotton will soak up the water and nylon … READ MORE

Photostream H.C.S. Down Jacket

FUTURA LABORATORIES x Descente – Photostream H.C.S. Down Jacket

A new design from FUTURA LABORATORIES and Descente will drop some time this month. Photostream H.C.S. Down Jacket is the name of the jacket and it is a hi tech down jacket utilizing H.C.S. Down system that captures heat inside the jacket and prevents warmth from escaping. … READ MORE

Half Sleeve T-Shirt


FUTURA LABORATORIES and Descente are back again for the 2010 Fall/Winter season, and the newest item to drop from the duo are couple of t-shirts. Both t-shirts are constructed with quick-dry material that not only dries quickly, but is also highly breathable. These qualities would be perfect … READ MORE

Patchwork Hat

FUTURA LABORATORIES – Camo Bias Patchwork Series Headwear

Recently, FUTURA LABORATORIES has released a several items featuring the Camo Bias Patchwork patterned original textile. Now, they are releasing the headwear items that utilize the same original textile. As with the previous releases, there are two versions of the camouflage pattern in this drop. One is … READ MORE

Black Black

FUTURA LABORATORIES x Kaneko Optical – Glasses

FUTURA LABORATORIES have reached out to Kaneko Optical in Japan to create a custom glasses with emphasis on high quality. In order to fulfill their needs, Kaneko Optical have chosen the highest quality celluloid for these set of glasses. High quality celluloid is tough and will not … READ MORE

World Bank Short Sleeve T-Shirt

FUTURA LABORATORIES – 2010 Summer | April Releases

New items are dropping by the dozens from FUTURA LABORATORIES from their 2010 Summer collection. A good cross section of apparel and accessories that are detailed with signature FUTURA artwork and design. Atomic Ring designs are used on many items from iPhone case to 3/4 pants while … READ MORE

Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey Olive 2


The Spray Can Wizard and FUTURA LABORATORIES is teaming up with DESCENTE on yet another item with cycling in mind. However this time, it is a Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey would make cyclists happy. It combines the hi technology of DESCENTE and artistic vision of FUTURA in … READ MORE

Futura x Crank Messenger Bag Yellow 3

FUTURA x Crank – Hilton Messenger Bags

Crank is a handmade messenger bag company from Tokyo in which the founder/designer, Holly is an ex messenger who started to produce custom made bags back in 2006. The brand have come a long way and have been loved by riders of all types of backgrounds in … READ MORE