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Da Vinci Number 1


Art should never be too hard to acquire and FUTURA is making sure that fans can get their hands on his art by making them accessible. FUTURA LABORATORIES are releasing a new series of print works by FUTURA entitled Da Vinci series. In short it is a … READ MORE


FUTURA x 12ozProphet Feature | Video By Allen AKA

Within the bundles of videos and short films, few can claim the category “feature”, where the breadth of the subject and the way to document the moment is so well choreographed, the audience feel as if they were part of the process. This is what Allen AKA … READ MORE


FUTURA x 12ozProphet Collection | Preview

In art, as similar as in life, boundaries made to be redrawn and iterations that once defined the genre no longer apply. However, through this ebb and flow, a few things remain constant, like the creations by Lenny McGurr, best known by his tag FUTURA, and 12ozProphet, … READ MORE


FUTURA x 12ozProphet | Preview Video

No name enjoys such a reverence as FUTURA‘s, one of the early artists who pioneered the cross over between graffiti and contemporary art, and 12ozProphet, long been the cornerstone of street art in New York City.  After in development for sometime, Allen AKA, the founder of 12ozProphet, … READ MORE


FUTURA 2000 – Black Fog | Painting Sold For $56,250 At Auction

Predicted at first to be an unsettling year, 2010 proven to be quite the opposite for art, especially those in the contemporary genre. Kicked off the year was the sale of “Walking Man”, a life-size sculpture in bronze by Alberto Giacometti, which went for $104.3 million dollars … READ MORE

futura pointman iphone case summary

FUTURA LABORATORIES – El Pointman iPhone 4 Case

FUTURA fans who want to show their affinity through an iPhone 4 case will soon have one more option. We recently covered the “ICONOGRAPHY” iPhone 4 case, featuring designs by the O.G. graffiti artist, and now we have a preview of another iPhone case bearing his artwork. … READ MORE


FUTURA x Nike Sportswear – September 2010 Release

Graffiti artist FUTURA has teamed up with Nike Sportswear again, taking their practiced partnership one step further this season. FUTURA had previously laid his brushes and paint on the Air Force 1, and also a New York Yankees inspired collection. Taking his love for the Bronx Bombers … READ MORE

Futura x XGhetto666

chill.and.go.2 – FUTURA x Xghetto666 Live Painting

chill.and.go.2 is an large scale cyclist event held in Mexico, organized by Mexico Fixed and it encompasses a wide variety of events including Bicinema (Bicycle Cinema), Art Show, Art Gallery, Alley Cat and Bike Polo. It was held last week over a few days, and one of … READ MORE


Os Gemeos x Futura – New Mural | NYC

This is the life of street art in the city– it comes and it goes. In this case, it comes around West 21st Street in New York City. One of the latest murals to dress the city is a piece of collaborative work between Futura and Os … READ MORE