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Nike Sportswear 21 Mercer NYC Stickball Tournament | 21 Mercer Mercenaries Vs. DonDidIt

On appearance, its similarities to baseball misconstrue the added dimensions to the game of stickball the very streetscape it is play on. The collection of walls, windowsills, protruded fire escapes, and Corinthian cast iron columns serve as both “friend” and “adversary” to players. Whereas a bounce equates … READ MORE

Nike x FUTURA x Be True – NY Yankees Collection | Video

Perhaps a blessing in disguise or a great loss we would never comprehend, if graffiti doyen FUTURA had lived out his childhood dream of becoming a baseball player, the face of urban culture and art would have been quite different today. Sure, FUTURA might have found his … READ MORE


Capcom – Super Street Fighter IV Artist Campaign

Gaming giant Capcom Entertainment have delivered many great games that kept our attention for years. The Street Fighter series is one of their long running series of games in which the latest Super Street Fighter IV will hit the shelves later this month on April 27th. To … READ MORE


Nike Sportswear 21 Mercer NYC Stickball Tournament | First Pitch

As officials from New York Emperors Stickball League went through the final checklist. Fans and audience trickled into the impromptu “stadium” at the front steps of Nike Sportswear 21 Mercer flagship store in SoHo. With the National Anthem echoed across Grand and Canal Street, it also marked … READ MORE


Nike Sportswear 21 Mercer – NYC Stickball Tournament | Set-Up Featuring FUTURA

In the midst of counterfeit peddlers and street vendors, Nike staffers busied themselves in front of Nike Sportswear 21 Mercer flagship store yesterday afternoon for the first ever NYC Stickball Tournament. Oversaw by members of New York Emperors Stickball League, Honorary Commissioner FUTURA, wearing his latest Bronx … READ MORE

Futura x Crank Messenger Bag Yellow 3

FUTURA x Crank – Hilton Messenger Bags

Crank is a handmade messenger bag company from Tokyo in which the founder/designer, Holly is an ex messenger who started to produce custom made bags back in 2006. The brand have come a long way and have been loved by riders of all types of backgrounds in … READ MORE

Futura 6

Graffuturism – FUTURA 2000 Photography Interview

Online blog/website Graffuturism puts a focus onto the graffiti legend that is FUTURA 2000 and more importantly puts into perspective FUTURA’s eye as a photographer. In a short interview the conversation explores the thoughts behind internet, Flickr, photography and anything in between. It goes to show that … READ MORE


Nike Sportswear x FUTURA – NY Yankees Be True Stadium Raglan Baseball Shirt | Available Now

Minus a few notable players, including World Series MVP Hideki Matsui, the New York Yankees and manager Joe Giradi, nevertheless, still poise to claim the championship title once again this year. As an inaugural to the opening salvos, artist FUTURA, a diehard Bronx Bombers fan, designed a … READ MORE


Nike Sportswear x FUTURA NY Yankees Bronx Bombers Be True Stadium Jacket | Available Now

Be the ire of Red Sox fans at Fenway Park this Sunday with this new creation by FUTURA. The life-long fan of New York Yankees collaborated with Nike Sportswear this Spring in designing a limited Be True collection as homage to the “Bronx Bombers”, which includes this … READ MORE


Nike Sportswear Stickballers 4.4.10 Ft. FUTURA | Teaser Video

Prior to baseball, kids in the northeast played pick up games of stickball, which can be seen as the street, pick-up version of baseball. This month, Nike Sportswear and FUTURA are bringing the broom handles (or whatever make shift bats for stickball they have… READ MORE


FUTURA x Nike Air Force 1 – Syracuse Bespoke for Gerald

Back at the end of January, 21 Mercer hosted a Nike Sportswear x Futura x Syracuse launch event where a number of esteemed guests including Futura attended. The grand prize winner of the raffle at the event was Gerald who was privileged enough to be able to … READ MORE