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UNDFTD x Gallery 1950 – Eagle Mascot Rug

We’ve seen Japanese lifestyle brand Gallery 1950 make inroads into streetwear territory in the past, producing floor mats and rugs in collaboration with the likes of OriginalFake, Undefeated and Supreme. This season finds Undefeated partnering with Gallery 1950 for another go-round, resulting in a circular acrylic rug … READ MORE


OriginalFake x Gallery 1950 – Skull Mat

When you run out of gift ideas for a friend who seem to have everything already, how about this great item from OriginalFake. The Companion graphic is probably the most iconic artwork by KAWS and it is translated onto a mat produced by Gallery1950 in Japan. Made … READ MORE


Gallery1950 x CONVERSE Jack Purcell

Gallery1950 is a Japanese select store that sells furniture and interior products as well as producing their own in house apparel and accessories. This project marks the brand’s first collaboration with CONVERSE and by the looks of the finished shoes, it might not be the last. Rather … READ MORE

Gallery1950 x Stussy T-Shirt 2

Gallery1950 x Stussy – 15th Anniversary T-Shirt | Version 2

Celebrating its 15th anniversary, Ebisu’s Gallery1950 and its long time collaborator Stussy have just finished their second collaboration t-shirts. Region specific limited editions, a total of  two versions are available.  The white version, printed with metallic silver ink, will be sold in the cities north of Nagoya. … READ MORE

Skull Mat

Gallery1950 x OriginalFake – Skull Mat

Gallery1950 have tag teamed with OriginalFake again on more rug mats and this Skull Mat uses one of the oldest iconic illustration from KAWS. Old school KAWS fans would appreciate this piece as it is great as a welcome mat to put inside your house and it … READ MORE

Companion Mat

Gallery1950 x OriginalFake – Companion Mat

KAWS and OriginalFake fans would definitely appreciate the latest collaboration project between Gallery1950 and OriginalFake. Namely the Companion Mat, which is carefully weaved to recreate the intricate design. It is perhaps hard to see the size of the mat from the photos, yet in fact it is … READ MORE

Gallery1950 x Pony

Gallery1950 x Pony – 80/10

This is the second time Gallery1950 and Pony have partnered on a collaboration project. And, for this project, the 80/10 was made using an 80’s sneaker model. The sneaker uppers are made from suede to reflect the vintage style. Even the color scheme is carefully chosen to … READ MORE


Stussy x Gallery1950 | Available Now

Stussy has partnered up with Gallery1950 (yes, you know the label for their amazing bath mats and home decoration products) to create a collaborative t-shirt in celebrating Stussy’s 30th Anniversary. Simple in black with Gallery1950’s logo rendered in Stussy font, the back of the t-shirt is marked … READ MORE


Gallery1950 x UNDFTD “Strike Logo” Mats

There was a point of time when there is nothing cool about bath mats. Bath mats were things middle age women purchase and seem to have no specific function at home for men (which man cares if a little water splatter, right?). However, in comes Gallery1950 and … READ MORE


fragment design x Gallery 1950 (G1950) – Bath Mat

Two brands who are no strangers to collaborations, fragment design and Gallery 1950 (G1950) have gotten together to release this new bath mat in either Black or White. The bath mat features multiple fragment design logos embroidered over the entire mat along with a fragment design script … READ MORE


OriginalFake – Spring/Summer 2010 – Starks Shoe Laces & Gallery1950 T-Shirt

These may not be the most essential wardrobe items, but coolness often lies in the details. And those with a discerning eye would be able to tell if one has worn-out standard white laces that have become a little shreddy and a little trite, or something a … READ MORE