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McLaren MP4-12C Spider Tuned | By Gemballa

Many would agree that the McLaren MP4-12C Spider is almost a perfect vehicle from straight off the factory floor. McLaren purists will no doubt disapprove of any aftermarket tuner putting their touches on the immaculate machine. For the rest of us who just cannot leave cars alone, … READ MORE


Porsche Cayenne – GT Aero Kit 2 | By Gemballa

Gemballa, who’s been providing Porsche update packages for the past 30 years, including an exterior kit with 100% real diamonds, introduces a new styling kit for the Porsche Cayenne. The GT Aero 2 styling kit, featured on the second-gen Porsche Cayenne (bearing the internal codename 958), builds … READ MORE


Gemballa – 100% Real Diamond Finish for Cars

Somebody alert the Biebs — you can now finish your car in real diamonds, thanks to longtime Porsche tuner Gemballa. The German-based company is offering the world’s first diamond coating for both the interior and exterior finish of vehicles, without any additives like metal pigments, glass fragments … READ MORE


Gemballa – MIG-U1 | Modified Ferrari Enzo Super Car

For the last 27 years, automobile tinker Uwe Gemballa and the firm he established, Gemballa, been advancing the proud engineering heritage of Porsche further with his modified exotic “beast” (i.e. a twin-turbo variant of the Porsche Carrera GT Supercar).   More recently, innovator took on a brand … READ MORE