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Nike Sportswear Track & Field Collection – Apparel

While unintended, the passing of Geoff Hollister has certainly made the Nike Sportswear Track & Field Collection all the more special. Inspired by Nike’s early years, its origin as a runner’s brand, and the all-important Athletic West program, of which Hollister developed, the collection re-imagines authenticity and … READ MORE

Courtsey of Geoff Hollister & The Oregonian

R.I.P. – Geoff Hollister 1946 – 2012 | Nike Employee #3 + Father of Windrunner Jacket & Aqua Sock

Often called “Nike’s Employee #3″, Geoff Hollister passed away yesterday, just three days after his 66th birthday, after a long battle with cancer. The Oregon native was born on February 3rd, 1946 and was an Oregonian in every sense of the term. After graduating from South Eugene … READ MORE