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The Rodnik Band x BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT – Rolex Datejust “Snoopy” Watch

From the humorous to the outrageous, British fashion label http://therodnikband.com” target=”_blank”>The Rodnik Band continues its on-the-fringe approach to design. Similar to American designer http://jeremyscott.com” target=”_blank”>Jeremy Scott, The Rodnik Band’s clever usage of pop culture references has won fans such as Rita Ora, Lady Gaga, model Cara Delevingne, … READ MORE


DRx Romanelli x BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT – Rolex Deepsea “Brutus” Watch

In http://bamfordwatchdepartment.com” target=”_blank”>BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT’s signature black titanium coating, this http://rolex.com” target=”_blank”>Rolex Deepsea “Brutus” is the latest collaboration between the London’s customizer and http://drromanelli.com” target=”_blank”>Darren Romanelli. Best known as http://drromanelli.com” target=”_blank”>Dr. Romanelli because of his design process’ exacting nature, the Los Angeles-based designer added red, yellow, and … READ MORE


BAMFORD CYCLE DEPARTMENT – Bespoke Bicycle Builder

After making his name in the watch world, George Bamford is applying his mantra of “If you can imagine it, we can create it” to the world of performance cycling. Introducing http://bamfordcycledepartment.com” target=”_blank”>BAMFORD CYCLE DEPARTMENT, a bespoke program created for customers looking for something other than an … READ MORE


BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT Introduces Titanium Coating in Heritage Cocoa Color Option

Synonymous with its famous matte black finish, George Bamford and his associates at http://bamfordwatchdepartment.com” target=”_blank”>BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT recently came up with an interesting proposition. The result was the new Heritage Cocoa coating color. No different than any other of its military-grade titanium coatings, the Heritage Cocoa offers … READ MORE


Jose Parla x BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT – Rolex Explorer I Watch

Designed in conjunction with http://colette.fr” target=”_blank”>colette of Paris and Miami’s http://shopalchemist.com” target=”_blank”>Alchemist boutique, artisans at http://bamfordwatchdepartment.com/” target=”_blank”>BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT transposed a sliver of http://joseparla.com” target=”_blank”>Jose Parla artwork onto the dial face of this custom http://rolex.com” target=”_blank”>Rolex Explorer I watch. Featuring a MGTC coating, rehashed hands and numerals … READ MORE


BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT – Rolex Yacht-Master II “Black and Blue”

Officially known as the http://rolex.com/watches/yacht-master-ii/m116681-0001.html” target=”_blank”>Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master II, this regatta chronograph features many unique functions needed in a race on the high sea. With its specifically designed Rolex 4160 Movement, one can set a 10-minute countdown to the start of a yacht race. And thanks … READ MORE


Marc Quinn x BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT – Rolex Deepsea Collection

Member of the so-called Young British Artists generation and best known for his “Self” sculptures made of frozen blood (his own), http://marcquinn.com” target=”_blank”>Marc Quinn’s methodical approach to art is neither for the squeamish nor those with faint of heart. Thus, making this collaboration with http://bamfordwatchdepartment.com” target=”_blank”>BAMFORD WATCH … READ MORE