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Tomorrowland – Teaser Trailer | Video

Never mind that Tomorrowland is nominally inspired by the http://disney.com/” target=”_blank”>Disney attraction of the same name — it’s the film’s pedigree that has fans looking forward to the mysterious retro-future adventure film. The screenplay comes courtesy of Damon Lindelof (Lost writer and co-creator) and Brad Bird (director ofThe … READ MORE


Gravity – Official Trailer | Video

It’s been a long wait for fans of the 2006 cult film Children of Men, but acclaimed director Alfonso Cuarón is finally set to debut his follow-up. The film is Gravity, starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock as astronauts on a routine Space Shuttle mission. The newly released … READ MORE


George Clooney To Become Steve Jobs In New Biopic | Rumor

Even after his untimely death, the fascination over http://apple.com” target=”_blank”>Apple’s Co-Founder http://freshnessmag.com/2011/10/05/r-i-p-steve-jobs-1955-2011-apple-co-founder-entrepreneurial-guru-ultimate-tech-showman/” target=”_blank”>Steve Jobs continues. With http://sonypictures.com” target=”_blank”>Sony Pictures finalizing the deal to adopt the best selling http://freshnessmag.com/2011/10/25/steve-jobs-by-walter-isaacson-available/” target=”_blank”>Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson for the silver screen, reports by UK’s http://nowmagazine.co.uk” target=”_blank”>Now Magazine stated actor George Clooney … READ MORE