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Crailtap – “Pretty Sweet Bonus” Trailer | Video

Girl Skateboards and Chocolate Skateboards tirelessly filmed for years to capture the best skateboarding from its heavyweight roster of professional skateboarders. It must have been a very tough task to condense all of that footage into a 60-minute DVD. We have already reported on some of the … READ MORE


Pretty Sweet – “B Roll Angles” By Minh Thong | Video

In any film production, there are many footage that doesn’t make the cut, which ends up being filed away and never seen by the public. Pretty Sweet was a monumental skateboard video by Girl Skateboards and Chocolate Skateboards, with numerous footage of each skater that was captured … READ MORE


Girl Skateboard x Sanrio – Team Skateboard Decks

Non-skateboarders may interpret Girl Skateboard as a skateboard company that has some connection to girls or women. The Californian company does not market toward female skateboarders in any way. However, their team boasts an all-star roster of legendary skateboarders, and their latest team decks are created in … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 5/24/2010 – 5/28/2010

This is the week of releases and friendships and everything fun in between. Some of the most notable summer collaborations will finally be hitting racks, serving as the summer blockbusters in the industry; for some other labels, taking things outside into the sun (or sometimes back in … READ MORE


Girl Skateboard x Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Collection

For something that doesn’t have a smile (Stipulated: Doesn’t have a mouth to.) and has beady eyes, Hello Kitty looks surprisingly lovable and innocent, and has won fans from young to old and intrigued across the gender board for the past three-and-a-half decades. As Hello Kitty celebrated … READ MORE


Girl Skateboard Co. – “Where The Wild Things Are” Limited Edition Decks | Available Now

Don’t just get wild with the movie, unleash your inner ferocity on the ramps with the limited edition series of “Where The Wild Things Are” skateboard decks made by Girl Skateboard Company. Featuring still of some of our favorite (or scariest) bedtime monsters, these decks are now … READ MORE

Girl Skateboard x ALIFE NYC - STANDARD ATL

Girl Skateboard x ALIFE NYC

STANDARD ATL in Atlanta recently received the collaboration skate decks from ALIFE and Girl Skateboard Company, a label co-founded by director Spike Jonze (or Spike Jonse).  Featured the familiar “monster” graphic with scales, eyes, and jaw.  Plus, the bold ALIFE NYC logo printed on the base.  Each … READ MORE