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GIVENCHY – Fall/Winter 2010 – Footwear

Ever since Riccardo Tisci came aboard Givenchy, the previously fledgling fashion house had been slowly gaining a new and strong foothold in the cutthroat industry, and nonetheless with style and a rocking sense of new masculine vigor. While Tisci’s work for the ladies’ collection at Givenchy is … READ MORE


Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci – Spring/Summer 2010

Givenchy’s current Creative Director, Ricardo Tisci, is somewhat of a savior to the previously tired House of Givenchy. The darkly romantic designer brings his unparalleled and boundless imagination to the design table and fused it with a female intuition for details and dedicated craftsmanship, reviving the fashion … READ MORE


GIVENCHY – Spring/Summer 2010 – Sneakers

While some luxury labels aim for that very difficult to achieve level of subtlety, many aim to surprise, bemuse and of course, dazzle. Numerous luxury labels have been taking their unattainable designs (perhaps sometimes both in terms of price and aesthetics) down a notch, looking to more … READ MORE