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Google Glass – How To: Getting Started Tutorial | Video

With the Explorer Edition now made available for a select few early adopters, the first reviews and reactions on http://google.com/glass” target=”_blank”>Google Glass are trickling in. Knowing that its human nature to “ignore” lengthy instruction manuals, the Project Glass team created a short, http://youtu.be/4EvNxWhskf8″ target=”_blank”>60-second video on how … READ MORE


The Google+ Homecoming Tour

After an amazing amount of social networking hype, things have cooled significantly for https://plus.google.com”>Google+; the would-be Facebook competitor, having opened the doors wide to all users (now including corporations), has been a bit relegated to “oh, yeah…” status. But it’s still Google, which thankfully means there is … READ MORE


Google+ project | Google’s New Attempt At Social Media

A market capitalization at $198.88 billion dollars, search engine giant http://google.com” target=”_blank”>Google really defines the word “giant”, though it is not without faults. One area its surely lacking in presence is social media, where http://facebook.com” target=”_blank”>Facebook, http://twitter.com” target=”_blank”>Twitter, and numerous smaller start-ups have dominated the last few … READ MORE