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Angry Birds – Google Chrome Browser Version | Available Now

Keynote address, breakout sessions, developer “sandbox”… day 2 of Google I/O conference went on pretty much like day 1 or any other tech fest – heavy on jargons, weak on excitement. That was till Peter Vesterbacka of ROVIO Mobile went on stage as “red bird” from the … READ MORE


Sony Unveils Tablet – S1 + S2 | Powered By Android 3.0

With a prerequisite announcement on emergency exit locations, a stark reminder of the March 11th Earthquake & Tsunami, Sony kicked off its technology briefing with gathered reporters in Tokyo early this morning. Along with several communiqué on the earthquake’s impact and Sony’s recovery efforts, Kunimasa Suzuki, the … READ MORE


Google Gmail Motion – April Fool’s Day Hoax

First came the “pigeon-power” search algorithm (accurate but a bit dirty). Then it was switching places with City of Topeka, Kansas. The hoaxes and pranks played by internet search giant Google are affirmations that geeked out Masters and Mistress of Virtual Domain still have great senses of … READ MORE


Google Translate For Android In Response To Crisis In Japan

The people of Japan weren’t the only ones affected by the Tohoku-Kanto Earthquake and subsequent tsunami last Friday. In Tokyo, dozens of embassies begin the grim task of listing some 400 foreign nationals as missing. To alleviate distress from ongoing nuclear crisis at Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant … READ MORE


Streetview Zombie Apocalypse – Google Street View Zombie Mash-Up Game

As long as there was Google Map and Google Street View, there were mash-ups and hacks to help us navigate through the congested (or not so congested) streets. Now, one of these hacks can save your life. Introducing the Streetview Zombie Apocalypse by Wonder-Tonic, a mash-up game … READ MORE

Google Art

Google Art Project

With high costs of traveling and finite amount of time we have to see everything that the world has to offer, Google have taken the huge step forward with their Art Project bringing together art and technology. Utilizing their innovative street view technology, viewers are able to … READ MORE


Google London Headquarters – Beach Theme Office Space | By Scott Brownrigg

With free food, open office layout, and non-pretentious appointments, search engine giant Google has long been on the list of “Best Places To Work”. Now add another attractions to the long list Brighton Beach, at least in its new London Headquarter location near Buckingham Palace. In designing … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 1/03/2011 1/08/2011

There’s no getting around it: this week was defined by electronics (and thankfully not by another snowstorm that brought NYC to a standstill). We covered a number of items from the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (internet refrigerator, anyone?), but that wasn’t the only source of interesting … READ MORE


Fresh Destination: Tokyo | Marvin Chow of Google

Produced by: Dan Hwang Written by: Emily Chang As one of the most influential soft powers in the world, Japan is an archipelago of cultural wealth and products (and perhaps, has the coolest superhero–the Ninja) that are not only big in Japan. The Shinkansen, Manga, Sony, BAPE, … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 11/15/2010 – 11/19/2010

As of last week, tech companies are having a hey day (or rather, a hey week) with a rattle of new initiatives designed and promised to change our lives. First, Google decides that talk, mail and search will no long be sufficient in its quest for power … READ MORE


Google Ventures Into Fashion With Boutique.com

Sure, we might have posted that 5% of Google’s total revenue actually come from sources beyond its search (so that should efficiently include everything from Google Earth to Google Talk and the recently discarded Google Wave), but that doesn’t mean Google is not attempting to expand that … READ MORE