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Fresh Destination: Tokyo | Marvin Chow of Google

Produced by: Dan Hwang Written by: Emily Chang As one of the most influential soft powers in the world, Japan is an archipelago of cultural wealth and products (and perhaps, has the coolest superhero–the Ninja) that are not only big in Japan. The Shinkansen, Manga, Sony, BAPE, … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 11/15/2010 – 11/19/2010

As of last week, tech companies are having a hey day (or rather, a hey week) with a rattle of new initiatives designed and promised to change our lives. First, Google decides that talk, mail and search will no long be sufficient in its quest for power … READ MORE


Google Ventures Into Fashion With Boutique.com

Sure, we might have posted that 5% of Google’s total revenue actually come from sources beyond its search (so that should efficiently include everything from Google Earth to Google Talk and the recently discarded Google Wave), but that doesn’t mean Google is not attempting to expand that … READ MORE


Google Discovery Of X-Ray Search Page Doodle

If you stopped by Google‘s front page this morning, you noted a eerie image of skeletal silhouettes. No, its not the inner working of the search engine giant, though that would make a fascinating story, but its the company’s celebration of x-ray discovery, found and replicated by … READ MORE


Google – Google Profit Chart

Now we know, it’s definitely not Google TV, and it is not the Andriod. Apparently, according to Silicon Alley Insider’s estimate based on Google filings, out of its $11.72 billion profit, 95% of that hefty, enviable amount is based on search.


Google – John Lennon Google Doodle Logo | Video

John Lennon of the musical legend, The Beatles, celebrates his 70th birthday (though the activist and artist had sadly passed away in 1980), and Google, as in the Internet giant’s tradition for honoring interesting occasions big and small, formal and non, had created a special doodle logo … READ MORE


Google Earth iPhone App Takes You Under The Sea

Remember the man who discovered a shipwreck through Google Earth? Granted there were a lot of treasures and gold and controversy involved, it is still comforting to know that perhaps, if we spend enough time procrastinating on Google Earth spying on our neighbors…we mean, learning about the … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 5/17/2010 – 5/21/2010

Since the weather has been getting more stable, and sunshine becomes a more consistent presence in our lives, everyone’s coming out to play. Also, as the 2010 FIFA World Cup will be kicking off extremely soon, the sportswear giants have been gearing up for this year’s biggest … READ MORE


Google – PAC-MAN 30th Anniversary Search Page Doodle

The comments just kept coming, everything from “…have you been hacked?!?!” to “HOW DO I ERASE THIS ANNOYING…”, in all caps. This morning, search engine giant Google launched its first ever playable Google doodle (on its search page) in celebration of PAC-MAN’s 30th anniversary. Created by Marcin … READ MORE


Google To Become Topeka?

Last month when Topeka, a city of 122,000 in Kansas, announced it would change its name to “Google, Kansas”, the executives at the Internet search engine took notice. As a display of appreciation, the Mountain View company announced early today it too will change its name, from … READ MORE


Google Nexus One Mobile Phone | Available Now

Its finally here! Just a little over 2 hours ago, search engine giant Google officially launched its very own mobile phone, the Google Nexus One.   To feature the newest Android operating system, the Android 2.1 (code name Eclair), and powered by a super fast 1GHz Qualcomm … READ MORE