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Black Scale x Gourmet Footwear – Summer 2014 Collection Lookbook

Earlier we brought you a preview of how Black Scale was teaming up with Gourmet Footwear on new footwear options for their larger line-up for Summer 2014 and now we have a full look at the results. The two new releases include a new take on the Gourmet 35 Lite LX … READ MORE


Black Scale x Gourmet Footwear – Summer 2014 Collaboration Collection

In showcasing its footwear collaborations with Black Scale for Summer 2014, Gourmet took to the deserts of Ocotillo Wells, California, to produce a corresponding sun-drenched campaign video. Located in San Diego County, Ocotillo Wells is home to reptilian wildlife and features plenty of dedicated off-road recreation areas. … READ MORE

Gourmet Footwear - Summer 2014 Collection Lookbook 09

Gourmet Footwear – Summer 2014 Collection Lookbook

Los Angeles-based footwear company Gourmet Footwear has some interesting sneakers in store for the Summer 2014 season. Relying on their well-designed staple silhouettes, such as Quattro Skate, The 35 Lite, Rossi, Deici, Nove, Cinque, and Uno, the upcoming release is another solid compilation of sneakers utilizing unique … READ MORE


Black Scale x Gourmet Quattro 2 | Preview

Black Scale and Gourmet have teamed up once again, with the like-minded brands coming together on the Quattro Skate 2. In keeping with the Black Scale aesthetic, the mid-top silhouette is unsurprisingly finished in black, featuring a build that uses a combination of full-grain leather and a … READ MORE

Gourmet - Spring 2014 Collection Lookbook 03

Gourmet – Spring 2014 Collection Lookbook | Video

Whether you have seen them skateboarding on the streets, getting wild at parties, or starring in feature films like Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, the ATL Twins can be spotted from a mile away. Infamously known for their crazy lifestyles, Sidney and Thurman Sewell are the latest models … READ MORE

RTH x Gourmet Quadici 21 01

RTH x Gourmet Quadici + 21

The collaboration between RTH and Gourmet began on a humble note, when the founder of Gourmet, Greg Lucci, reached out to Rene Holguin, founder of RTH, to customize their Quadici and 21 models. Each of the sneakers chosen for this project is unique in its own way, … READ MORE

Gourmet - Spring 2014 Collection Available Now 01

Gourmet – Spring 2014 Collection | Available Now

Gourmet always has something interesting in their releases, and their Spring 2014 collection is already in stores. Emphasizing their concept of athletic lifestyle footwear, the Californian brand takes a unique route this season, layering floral prints, paintbrush patterns, and animal skin on the uppers. The sneakers are … READ MORE

The Butchers Block - Greg Lucci of Gourmet Footwear Video

The Butcher’s Block – Greg Lucci of Gourmet Footwear | Video

Having extensive experience in the industry, Greg Lucci speaks openly about his career and establishment of Gourmet on the newest issue of The Butcher’s Block. Working at adidas for almost 20 years, Lucci had the opportunity to understand the ins-and-outs of product design and footwear design, as … READ MORE

Gourmet - Holiday 2013 Collection Lookbook 05

Gourmet – Holiday 2013 Collection Lookbook

Gourmet never ceases to disappoint with their releases, and their lookbooks. For the current Holiday 2013 collection lookbook, they enlisted the talented crew at The Madbury Club, specifically from Phillip T. Annand, Vinny Picone, and Matty Yu. The looks aim to emphasize the extremely light ultra leggier … READ MORE


Gourmet Nove 2 LX + Rossi LS – Stingray Pack

There’s premium. And then there’s full-grain stingray and elephant print on Nappa leather premium, and that’s exactly what these two latest kicks from Gourmet have to offer. Presented within the Stingray Pack, Gourmet’s Nove 2 LX + Rossi LS silhouettes – two of their most popular models … READ MORE


Gourmet – “The 35 Mint” | Video

In launching their latest footwear, Gourmet treats us with a short video, capturing the 35 Mint sneakers in action. Made from lightweight ultraleggaro technology consisting of compression-molded EVA, the lifestyle sneaker also doubles as a performance shoe. Its performance is reiterated in their video, which chronicles a … READ MORE