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Gourmet – Fall 2011 “Lifestyling” Collection | Behind The Scenes Look

Sprawl across 7.5 acres, this Jacobean-style manor isn’t some blue blood estate along the river Thames. Instead, you will find the Stonebrook Manor just 21 miles away from San Francisco. Gilded great halls, mahogany covered library, and grand fireplaces, all props in helping Gourmet tell the story … READ MORE


Gourmet Tredici – Spring/Summer 2012 | Preview

Slated to slide off the assembly line for the Spring/Summer 2012 is a new model from Gourmet, the Tredici. This upcoming footwear offering from Gourmet is a sneaker that is one part hiking boot and one part runner. The upper features traditional outerwear construction, with a d-ring … READ MORE


Gourmet Quattro Skate Spring/Summer 2012 | Preview

Sure, the Quattro Skate from Gourmet doesn’t resemble your typical skate shoe fair-but it doesn’t have to, instead pushing the limits of refined design for street shoes. If you weren’t already on board with these finely crafted kicks, take a look at this preview from next years … READ MORE


Gourmet Quadici – Spring/Summer 2012 | Preview

The Spring/Summer 2012 collection from Gourmet looks promising and their duck-boot inspired Quadici will be launching in four styles. A preview of the models reveal that this season, the footwear is influenced by orthodox mountain parkas with two tone breaking up the uppers. However there will be … READ MORE


Gourmet x Korean Thunder Burger | POP-UP Shop

Sometimes the collaboration game can go overboard, leaving people scratching their heads when their favorite New York skate brand teams up with a scuba diving company to release a limited run of flippers. Fortunately Gourmet knows what they’re doing, and the sneaker startup with the tasty … READ MORE


Gourmet 3.0 – New Online Shopping Site

After a voyage to the Far East last month for its very first retail door in China, the folks at Gourmet returned State-side quickly in preparation for their new online store. Dubbed “Gourmet Version 3.0″ internally, the footwear redoubled its effort to make its fans’ shopping experience … READ MORE


Gourmet – Quattro Skate

Gourmet’s mature nod to the skateboarding fraternity was relatively well received last Fall in Black, White, and Blue colourways, so it is with little surpirse that the model gets a Spring/Summer 2011 release. The use of premium leather with a suede overlay has its pragmetic purposes in terms of increased durability, … READ MORE


COMPASS Show 2011 – Gourmet Uno Leather Woodland Camo – Fall/Winter 2011

That wayward bound to more technical construction, as seen in COMPASS show in NYC, isn’t just isolated to new design, footwear label Gourmet found new application on some of its classic models. On appearance, its easy to dismiss the Gourmet Uno Leather as another canvas sneaker with … READ MORE


COMPASS Show 2011 – Gourmet Dignam – Fall/Winter 2011

Careful observers will note that while most footwear labels are embarking on casual, contemporary design route, the trio at Gourmet are doing just the opposite with introduction of more technically function footwear, like the new Dignam. Filling as an in-between for running shoes and causal footwear, the … READ MORE


Gourmet – Spring 2011 | Preview

As the brand consultant for eyewear label Mosley Tribes, Jon Buscemi had the unenviable task of forecasting trends and colors each season. Fortunately for Buscemi, he’s other duty is as the designer for Gourmet, a footwear brand he co-founded.  This creative outlet allows Buscemi to explore the … READ MORE


Gourmet – Fall 2010 – Quadici & The 28 | Detailed Look

It is quite difficult to categorize creations by Gourmet Footwear. Are they footwear, as described by the company’s tagline, or are they sneakers? Whatever they are, one thing is certain, they will do wonder in current setting as much of the Eastern seaboard dig themselves out of … READ MORE