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Goyard Machete Sheath for Miss Lily’s Variety | By Toland Grinnell

Best known by his unique transformation of luxury objects into functional everyday tools, New York-base sculptor Toland Grinnell recently took on another interesting project. Commissioned by Serge Becker and Matt Goias, owners of Jamaican-centric boutique Miss Lily’s Variety, the work Cutlass features all of Grinnell’s artistic signatures. … READ MORE


OriginalFake – KAWS XP Accessories Collection

Inspired by Goyard‘s chevron-like monogram, OriginalFake‘s XP Accessories Collection feature KAWS‘ signature “XX” pattern in the same overlapping design. The collection includes a 13-inch laptop case, a 15-inch laptop case, and a patterned seat cushion, all in cotton and/or nylon construct with embossed coating. Available in very … READ MORE


Fresh Celeb: Kanye West – “Robot Face” Goyard Backpack

Kanye West was spotted arriving at Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood, California earlier this week to lend his voice to the remake of “We Are the World” which united various artists from all over the world with the goal of raising money for Haiti earthquake relief. West … READ MORE

Fresh Celeb: Kanye West – 1 of 1 “Robot Face” Goyard Backpack

While Kanye West and his girlfriend, Amber Rose, were in Paris last week during the 2010 Paris Fashion Week, West picked up his 1 of 1 “Robot Face” Goyard Backpack that he designed not too long ago. The customized Goyard backpack is just one of the many … READ MORE

colette - BBC/Ice Cream x Goyard Trunk Display

Colette – Billionaire Boys Club + Ice Cream x Goyard Trunk Display

The new Colette store in Paris has been remodeled with the help of Wonderwall, the company behind most of the Bathing Ape stores all over the world. If you haven’t seen the newly remodeled store yet then take a look here. In addition to having a completely … READ MORE