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GPPR ‘Mr. Rebel’ – Weekly Graphic T-Shirt Program

L.A.-based GPPR presents Mr. Rebel, a graphic tee shirt program featuring a weekly release of online-exclusive graphic tees. Built with high quality cotton jersey complete with collar darts, the tees are adorned with a combination of classic GPPR graphics as well as never before seen archived graphics. … READ MORE


G.P.P.R. – Holiday 2012 Collection Lookbook | “Handsome Devils”

G.P.P.R.‘s Holiday 2012 collection, dubbed “Handsome Devils,” is inspired by the anti-hero archetype, the dudes who “talk fast, dress sharp and walk tall.” The accompanying lookbook heralds a kind of seamless coordination, featuring straightforward colors and modern silhouettes that speak to the “dapper dark horse, the noble … READ MORE


G.P.P.R. Clothing – Spring 2012 Collection Lookbook | “All I Wanted To Be Is What I Became”

L.A.-based GPPR presents the lookbook for its Spring/Summer 2012 collection, entitled “All I Wanted to Be Is What I Became” (appended with the overwrought subheading “A Social Study of Civil Disobedience in the Land of the Lost and Found”). The looks seek to examine the rebel persona … READ MORE


G.P.P.R. – The Last Gang In Town

What is it about the primal yearning to belong? To be a member of something great? To take part in an endeavor? In its quarry of this most basic of human traits, designers at HELLZ BELLZ formulated a brand new initiative known only by its acronym, G.P.P.R. … READ MORE