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Freshness Week In Review: 2/14/2011 2/21/2011

Even excluding international affairs, there was definitely no shortage of news this week. The attentions of the sports world and beyond has been focused on All Star Weekend for weeks; the event has finally arrived, bringing with it a deluge of product tie-ins, major ad campaigns, and … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 11/08/2010 – 11/12/2010

With a few more hours to go before a facebook attempts to revolutionize the Internet again (with a new full-service email launch), it seems as though next week promises everything great to happen in the world. But before we leap into the unknowns of facebook email, and … READ MORE


Terry Richardson x Glee x GQ – For November 2012 Feature | Behind The Scenes Video

For GQ’s November issue, something quite controversial happened as the folks at GQ had sex-ed up the Glee cast members, Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and Corey Monteith. Some has deemed the photo shoot shot by Terry Richardson to be overly salacious for a show portraying high school … READ MORE


GQ – 100 Things Kanye Taught GQ

It isn’t just about revolutionizing the way hip-hop world dresses (thank you for being one of the forerunners of skinny jean rappers), and it isn’t just about stealing spotlight from little girls and nices shoes, fast cars. Kanye West is a byzantine character with a myriad of … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 8/16/2010 – 8/20/2010

New York City has been extremely busy (since when has it not been, but even more so this week, mainly with thanks to Nike) recently, and because of that, Freshness has been extremely busy as well. We have ran around the town from Madison Square Garden to … READ MORE


GQ x LeBron James – “LeBron James Can Take The Heat” | Microsite

Love him or hate him for that one-hour special on ESPN when announcing his finalized decision to join the Miami Heat (perhaps you think that was an easy way out…like Michael Jordan did); or, for his nickname, “King James”; or simply, for the fact that he isn’t … READ MORE


GQ Radio – The Selby Drops By Our House!

There is a “rustic appeal” to the images created by Todd Selby. Yes, it is voyeuristic. However, there is a sense of warmth to each photo created by the photographer/blogger; an intimacy between the audience and the subject that is usually not found on the best portrait … READ MORE


Kobe Bryant By Terry Richardson | For GQ March 2010

A bit hard to believe but Number 24 Kobe Bryant has been in the NBA for the last 13 years now.   After 4 NBA Championship titles, 1 NBA Finals MVP, and 1 NBA MVP, the Black Mamba is pose to take on the world again this … READ MORE


GQ – 2010 Best New Designers In America

A style bible for every men, the all essential GQ just announced its latest round-up of Best New Designers in America for 2010 in its latest March issue.   And despite the worst recession to hit State-side in recent memory, it is heartening to see that none … READ MORE


GQ UK x Victoria’s Secret Models – “Where The Wild Things Are” Fashion Shoot

There are a few things UK has over everyone else– for instance, fish n’ chips, Vivenne Westwood, Pink Floyd and the Beatles. However, the stateside does have one thing that makes the rest of the world envious– Victoria’s Secret models. Before one disagrees, GQ UK’s latest fashion … READ MORE


Rihanna x GQ – January Issue Cover

Some wiser men have boldly speculated, it takes approximately half the length of time of a relationship for one to truly get over it. Sadly for those in the spotlight, time is not such luxury. Especially for Rihanna who was entwined in “the Chris Brown thing” according … READ MORE