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Gravis – To Change Logo – G to IV

Beyond that it is a fancy jargon used by business type, “Brand DNA” is quite a significant term for entrepreneurs and marketers. It is the building block of what a brand is about. And so during the course of this year, footwear and accessories label Gravis will …

Gravis – Expedition Collection – Fall 2008 Preview

Gravis will be introducing a new collection this Fall. Named “Expedition Collection”, the inspiration came antiquated hiking gears, especially well used boots . The designers from Gravis taken those idea and incorporated them into existing Gravis models, such as the Fulton and Cortex. The results are sneakers …

HECTIC x Gravis – Messenger Bag

To alter the usual association with bikes, HECTIC and Gravis created a new kind of messenger bag more adopted to the urban environment. Composed of ballistic nylon, with a large reflective portion on its flap. There are numerous pockets and enclosures to store everything you need going …

Gravis x STASH · Black Box Launch Party

Gravis x STASH Black Box Launch Party SPACE FORCE 1-20-4 FORCE.B1,AOBADAI,MEGURO-KU, TOKYO 153-0042, JAPAN PHONE 03-3464-5869 www.space-force.com Event Date: March 7th | 7 pm-12 am > Gravis Full flyer after the jump

Gravis x STASH – Black Box Party

Gravis x STASH Black Box Launch Party NYC Black Box launch party. RECON/NORT NYC 359 Lafayette Street | Map New York, NY 10012 TEL #: 212-614-8502 www.reconstore.com EVENT DATE: Feburary 28th | 6 pm – 8 pm > Gravis Footwear > RECON/NORT