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DC Comics: The New 52 – DC Universe Gets A Massive Reboot And Overhaul

In the Old Testament, God sent forth a great flood to wash away what He created in order to start anew. The storied comic book publishing house DC Comics will put in motion an undertaking similar in scope as well. Starting today, the clocks at DC Comics … READ MORE


Green Lantern x New Balance MR993 BG

No summer season at the movies is complete without a blockbuster superhero flick, and these days it seems no blockbuster superhero flick is complete without a simultaneous sneaker release. Enter the Green Lantern x New Balance MR993 BG, which takes a lesser utilized New Balance model and … READ MORE

Green Lantern

Converse All Star Chuck Taylor – Green Lantern

Just when you thought Converse was just going for the famous comic characters to please the masses, they hit us with a pair of All Star Chuck Taylor dedicated to the Green Lantern. Perhaps, it is a promotion for the upcoming Green Lantern movie scheduled to drop … READ MORE