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Uniful x HAROSHI - Skateboard Deck 00

UNIFUL x HAROSHI – Skateboard Deck

Japanese skateboard sculpture artist, HAROSHI, needs no introduction, as his works have become a familiar sight on the internet. From designing trophies for the Battle of the Berrics to holding his own in various exhibitions in US, his distinct artworks never cease to amaze the viewers. We … READ MORE


UNIFUL x HAROSHI – Collaboration Skateboard Deck

Established by charismatic Japanese skateboarders Shin Okada and Nao Oya, UNIFUL is home to talented and individualistic skateboarders from across Japan and Asia. Connected through the Tokyo skateboard scene, Okada and HAROSHI knew each other through mutual friends, yet this is the first time they have worked … READ MORE


Haroshi x The Berrics – Battle At The Berrics 6 Trophy

When Japanese artist and skateboarder, Haroshi, unveiled the Battle At The Berrics 5 trophy last year, jaws dropped at its sheer awesomeness. Who would have known that The Berrics have contacted Haroshi again to produce this year’s BATB 6 trophy as well. Never the one to rest … READ MORE


HAROSHI – “Virtual Reality” Exhibition | Event Recap

Prolific Japanese artist, HAROSHI, celebrates 10 years in making artworks from used skateboard decks. Since the success of his last exhibition at Jonathan LeVine, HAROSHI returns to New York City again for his second solo exhibition entitled “Virtual Reality”. Those who are familiar with skateboarding will recognize … READ MORE


HAROSHI – “Virtual Reality” Exhibition | New York

Japanese artist HAROSHI is coming up the ranks in the contemporary art scene with his unusual take on creating sculptures and installations. Not only is his medium of choice, used skateboards, an eye-catching aspect of his work, but the complexity of his artworks is unlike that of … READ MORE


Real x HUF x HAROSHI – Hydrant Skateboard Deck

The partnership between HUF and Japanese artist HAROSHI has yet to conclude, as they have announced the release of a collaboration skateboard deck manufactured by Real. When HAROSHI opened his solo exhibition in San Francisco, this life-size fire hydrant sculpture was used for the highest ollie contest … READ MORE


The Berrics x HAROSHI – Making of BATB V Trophy | Video

Japanese sculptor and artist HAROSHI seems to be non-stop these days, as we find another video of him working his magic with used skateboards. This time it is for The Berrics, a private skatepark of professional skateboarders Eric Koston and Steve Berra, and their annual Battle At … READ MORE


HAROSHI – Studio Visit By Nathan Perkel

With a mutual love for skateboarding, California-born photographer, Nathan Perkel, took a trip to the Far East to capture the studio of famed Japanese sculptor and artist HAROSHI. There is no doubt that HAROSHI is coming up through the ranks in the Japanese art scene, and some … READ MORE


HAROSHI – Feet Sculpture with Transparent Skate Shoes

Tokyo-based artist Haroshi is known for his artwork featuring repurposed skate decks, but his latest creations use the multi-colored wood sculptures as something of a framing device for transparent skate shoes that anchor the individual pieces. The kicks are made up of a Nike Dunk, Vans Half … READ MORE


Haroshi – Middle Finger Print

When Japanese sculpture artist Haroshi was invited for a collaboration with HUF and DLX, no one could have imagined the precision work that went into making each piece a reality. Made only from recycled skateboards, the sculptures were well received by peers in the industry. Although there … READ MORE


HUF x Haroshi x DLX – Opening Ceremony Recap | Video

Japanese sculpture artist Haroshi took approximately six months to produce all of the artwork for HUF. Haroshi and his works were welcomed with open arms at the HUF x Haroshi x DLX opening ceremony. The event was attended by many skaters and guests, filling up the large … READ MORE