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Heather Grey Wall x immun. – Backpack

immun. is a sub line of the England-based fashion label CASH CA. Concentrating on high quality bags, the creative direction is executed by the multi-talented Kazuki Kuraishi. With that pretext, there is no surprise that Kuraishi would bring these two brands together for an exclusive release. The … READ MORE


Heather Grey Wall – Website + Online Store Launch

Heather Grey Wall, the new business venture from Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi, has expanded slightly in the last few days. It is almost customary now for a business to operate an online shop alongside a conventional retail store. Kuraishi is definitely taking advantage of his online fan … READ MORE


Heather Grey Wall – Opening this weekend | Tokyo

As we had reported earlier, the charismatic Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi will be opening his own select store, Heather Grey Wall this coming Saturday, October 8th. Inside the rectangular space, customers are welcomed by a minimalist concrete interior. It is easy to see why the store was … READ MORE


Heather Grey Wall – A New Shop By Kazuki Kuraishi | Tokyo

Perhaps it is every designer’s dream to open their own little store and famed Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi is opening his select store in the heart of Tokyo. The minimalist interior of the store is cozy and reflects the design ethics of Kuraishi. With four gray concrete … READ MORE