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HECTIC x BNE - 3 Layer Jacket

HECTIC x B.N.E. – 3 Layer Jacket

Shrouded in secrecy, BNE or BNE参上, has become a global phenomenon over the last decade.  The ubiquitous stickers of bold black letters on white background, have found themselves on the most unlikely surfaces in Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, London, and etc…  So rampant is the trend … READ MORE

mita sneakers x HECTIC x New Balance – MT580 – 14th Edition

That favorite canvas for the folks at mita Sneakers and HECTIC is back as the trio announce the New Balance MT580 will under go another transformation, its 14th to be exact.  The new rendition will feature a muted grey and black background in suede with bright fuchsia, … READ MORE

real mad HECTIC - Hectalia Denim


As part of its Fall/Winter 2008, real mad HECTIC announced its new HECTALIA Painter Denim.  Available in 4 different washes, including the non-wash (raw) colorway seen here, the HECTALIA Painter Denim is derivative from the painter/cargo pants, with easy access slotted & knee pockets.  In addition, a … READ MORE

HECTIC - Razzle Dazzle Collecton

HECTIC – Razzle Dazzle Collecton

As part of its Fall 2008 collection, HECTIC (or HECTIC) launched a slew of products, including the Razzle Dazzle hoodie and sweater.  Based on dazzle camouflage, first utilized in World War I on naval vessels as a method to deter the threats of German U-Boats & surface … READ MORE

hectic - A/W 2008 Collection

hectic – A/W 2008 Collection

As more and more brands are starting to release their Fall & Winter collections, one of the more underrated brands out of Japan has done so as well. hectic, who has been around for years in Japan, has released it’s A/W 2008 collection that features some stunning … READ MORE


mita sneakers x HECTIC x New Balance – MT580 – 13th Edition

A favorite medium for both mita Sneakers and HECTIC, the New Balance MT580 underwent another transformation, this time its 13th rendition. Instead of the wildly colored exterior, like the previous CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key-black) pack. The three collaborators decided to keep at a minium and … READ MORE

HECTIC x Stussy x New Balance - CM670 - Part 3

HECTIC x Stussy x New Balance – CM670 – Part 3

It was only in May when the trio of HECTIC, Stussy, and New Balance, released the 2nd edition from its collaboration project.  Posed to release this Saturday, August 2nd, will be the 3rd and the newest addition to this ongoing triple collaboration. Similar to the previous 2, … READ MORE



Along with the announcement of  BE@RBRICK 16, MEDICOM TOY also put out a preview of its collaboration with Japanese label HECTIC.  Primed in bright reddish/orange color scheme, the HECTIC edition is covered in its logo and slogans, front and back.  So far, there is no announcement on … READ MORE


mita sneakers x HECTIC x New Balance – MT580 – CMYK

Long been a favorite canvas for the folks at mita Sneakers and HECTIC, the New Balance MT580 will go through another transformation this weekend as both retailers start taking pre-orders for the anticipated 12th edition HECTIC x mita sneaker x New Balance MT580. This most recent product … READ MORE

real mad HECTIC x Sutssy x New Balance - CM670 - Part 2

HECTIC x Stussy x New Balance – CM670 – Part 2

Set to release this Saturday, May 31st, is the 2nd part of the triple collaboration between Japanese label HECTIC, Stussy, and New Balance. A new revision to the New Balance classic M670, a popular model in the later half of the 1980s, the HECTIC x Stussy x … READ MORE


Whether it is holding a set of key, a cellphone, or a digital camera, a carabinger is a tool as ubiquitous to today’s urbanites as to the mountaineers that first used them. While the usual carabinger is all about functionality rather than aesthetics, Japanese brand HECTIC (or … READ MORE