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Hennessy V.S.O.P x Buscemi “Decanted” for Art Basel

Bound by a common dedication to craftsmanship, Hennessy V.S.O.P and Jon Buscemi have come together for a special project taking place at this year’s Art Basel Miami. At a private location on South Beach, Hennessy and Buscemi will host the exclusive “Decanted” gallery, where VIP influencers will enjoy V.S.O.P … READ MORE

Shepard Fairey x Hennessy - Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle 06

Shepard Fairey x Hennessy – Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle

The list of previous Hennessy Very Special Cognac Limited Edition projects participants reads like aWho’s Who of the contemporary artists with a strong street affiliation. Starting with KAWS, then FUTURA and Os Gemeos, the list’s newest addition is none other than street art legend Shepard Fairey. Rising to the … READ MORE


Os Gêmeos x Hennessy VS Cognac Bottle | Promo Package + Detailed Look

Previewed here back in June, the Os Gemeos x Hennessy VS Cognac Bottle is finally set to be released this month. The latest installment in Hennessy‘s artist collaboration series features the work of the Brazilian identical-twin artist team of Gustavo & Octavio Pandolfo, better known as Os … READ MORE


Os Gemeos x Hennessy Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle

Following collaborations with KAWS and FUTURA, Hennessy has unveiled this year’s partner in the brand’s popular artist series: Os Gemeos, the street artist team made up of identical twin brothers from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Individually known as Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, Os Gemeos (“the twins” in Portuguese) … READ MORE


FUTURA x Hennessy – “FUTURA in Melbourne” By Lester Jones | Video

Legendary artist, FUTURA, recently hopped on a plane and headed to Melbourne, Australia, as part of his world tour promoting the collaboration project with premium cognac brand, Hennessy. In between signing autographs and performing a live painting at the launch event, Mr. McGurr took to the streets … READ MORE

futura-hennessy-vs-cognac-limited edition-friends-family-pack-00

FUTURA x Hennessy Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle – Friends & Family Pack

It was like any other inconspicuous knock at our office’s door this afternoon, only the courier unveiled a specially marked package in black. And even before we saw its contents, we already knew that it was the much talked about FUTURA x Hennessy Very Special Cognac Limited … READ MORE


FUTURA x Hennessy Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle

With the enormous success of last year’s limited edition cognac bottle by artist Brian Donnelly, or best known as KAWS, distillery Hennessy and its parent company Moet Hennessy have asked graffiti legend FUTURA to participate in the series’ second iteration. Inspiration derived from the perfectly aged spirit, … READ MORE


Hennessy x Manny Pacquiao “What’s Your Wild Rabbit”

Hennessy’s “What’s Your Wild Rabbit?” campaign is the rather oblique — if poetic — celebration of the pursuit of one’s dreams. Created by the Droga5 agency in New York, the campaign essentially asks “What drives you?” and features the tagline “Never stop. Never settle.” Using spokespeople who … READ MORE


Hennessy – Wild Rabbit Interactive Campaign | With Manny Pacquiao & Erykah Badu

Over 1000 invited guests enjoyed a brief duet with Erykah Badu and a bout against Manny Pacquiao last Thursday as Hennessy unveiled its latest marketing campaign in Los Angeles. Dubbed as “Wild Rabbit”, the interactive installations projected the likeness of Badu and Pacquiao onto the busy corner … READ MORE


Found: KAWS x Hennessy Confidential Envelope

A last minute dinner plan postponement had some of us hurried into a cab some nights ago, where we stumbled upon this on our seats. When asked whether the previous passenger left it behind, the cab driver simply said with a heavy accent, “No, its for you.” … READ MORE


Hennessy x Supreme – Football Jersey Top

Xzibit tattooed its logo on his arm, Common praised about it, even KAWS laid it down thick with a limited edition bottle design. Now to finalize Hennessy‘s “street cred”, the 240+ year old nectar of European highlife partnered with Supreme in a trio of limited edition Football … READ MORE