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Shepard Fairey x Hennessy - Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle 06

Shepard Fairey x Hennessy – Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle

The list of previous http://hennessy.com/”>Hennessy Very Special Cognac Limited Edition projects participants reads like aWho’s Who of the contemporary artists with a strong street affiliation. Starting with http://freshnessmag.com/2011/07/15/kaws-x-hennessy-very-special-cognac-bottle/”>KAWS, then http://freshnessmag.com/2012/07/12/futura-x-hennessy-very-special-cognac-limited-edition-bottle/”>FUTURA and http://freshnessmag.com/2013/08/14/os-gemeos-x-hennessy-vs-cognac-bottle-promo-package-detailed-look/”>Os Gemeos, the list’s newest addition is none other than street art legend http://obeygiant.com/”>Shepard Fairey. Rising to the … READ MORE


Os Gêmeos x Hennessy VS Cognac Bottle | Promo Package + Detailed Look

http://freshnessmag.com/2013/06/19/os-gemeos-x-hennessy-very-special-cognac-limited-edition-bottle/” target=”_blank”>Previewed here back in June, the Os Gemeos x Hennessy VS Cognac Bottle is finally set to be released this month. The latest installment in http://hennessy.com/” target=”_blank”>Hennessy’s artist collaboration series features the work of the Brazilian identical-twin artist team of Gustavo & Octavio Pandolfo, better known … READ MORE


Os Gemeos x Hennessy Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle

Following collaborations with http://freshnessmag.com/2011/07/15/kaws-x-hennessy-very-special-cognac-bottle/” target=”_blank”>KAWS and http://freshnessmag.com/2012/07/12/futura-x-hennessy-very-special-cognac-limited-edition-bottle/” target=”_blank”>FUTURA, http://hennessy.com/” target=”_blank”>Hennessy has unveiled this year’s partner in the brand’s popular artist series: http://osgemeos.com.br/” target=”_blank”>Os Gemeos, the street artist team made up of identical twin brothers from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Individually known as Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, Os Gemeos … READ MORE


FUTURA x Hennessy – “FUTURA in Melbourne” By Lester Jones | Video

Legendary artist, http://futura2000.com/”>FUTURA, recently hopped on a plane and headed to Melbourne, Australia, as part of his world tour promoting the collaboration project with premium cognac brand, http://hennessy.com”>Hennessy. In between signing autographs and performing a live painting at the launch event, Mr. McGurr took to the streets … READ MORE

futura-hennessy-vs-cognac-limited edition-friends-family-pack-00

FUTURA x Hennessy Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle – Friends & Family Pack

It was like any other inconspicuous knock at our office’s door this afternoon, only the courier unveiled a specially marked package in black. And even before we saw its contents, we already knew that it was the much talked about http://freshnessmag.com/2012/07/12/futura-x-hennessy-very-special-cognac-limited-edition-bottle/” target=”_blank”>FUTURA x Hennessy Very Special Cognac … READ MORE


FUTURA x Hennessy Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle

With the enormous success of http://freshnessmag.com/2011/07/15/kaws-x-hennessy-very-special-cognac-bottle/” target=”_blank”>last year’s limited edition cognac bottle by artist Brian Donnelly, or best known as http://kawsone.com” target=”_blank”>KAWS, distillery Hennessy and its parent company http://lvmh.com” target=”_blank”>Moet Hennessy have asked graffiti legend http://futura2000.com” target=”_blank”>FUTURA to participate in the series’ second iteration. Inspiration derived from … READ MORE


Hennessy x Manny Pacquiao “What’s Your Wild Rabbit”

Hennessy’s “What’s Your Wild Rabbit?” campaign is the rather oblique — if poetic — celebration of the pursuit of one’s dreams. Created by the http://droga5.com/” target=”_blank”>Droga5 agency in New York, the campaign essentially asks “What drives you?” and features the tagline “Never stop. Never settle.” Using spokespeople … READ MORE


Hennessy – Wild Rabbit Interactive Campaign | With Manny Pacquiao & Erykah Badu

Over 1000 invited guests enjoyed a brief duet with http://erykahbadu.com” target=”_blank”>Erykah Badu and a bout against http://mannypacquiao.ph” target=”_blank”>Manny Pacquiao last Thursday as http://hennessy.com” target=”_blank”>Hennessy unveiled its latest marketing campaign in Los Angeles. Dubbed as “Wild Rabbit”, the interactive installations projected the likeness of Badu and Pacquiao onto … READ MORE


Found: KAWS x Hennessy Confidential Envelope

A last minute dinner plan postponement had some of us hurried into a cab some nights ago, where we stumbled upon this on our seats. When asked whether the previous passenger left it behind, the cab driver simply said with a heavy accent, “No, its for you.” … READ MORE


Hennessy x Supreme – Football Jersey Top

http://xzibit.com” target=”_blank”>Xzibit tattooed its logo on his arm, http://common-music.com” target=”_blank”>Common praised about it, even http://kawsone.com” target=”_blank”>KAWS laid it down thick with a limited edition bottle design. Now to finalize http://hennessy.com” target=”_blank”>Hennessy’s “street cred”, the 240+ year old nectar of European highlife partnered with http://supremenewyork.com” target=”_blank”>Supreme in a … READ MORE


Nigel Sylvester x Casio G-Shock GD100NS-7 – Launch Party | Event Recap

There is never a dull moment in http://twitter.com/NigelSylvester” target=”_blank”>Nigel Sylvester’s life. The Queens-native works hard, ride even harder, and party the hardest. Thursday evening was no exception with the street style BMX rider unveiled his signature http://gshock.com” target=”_blank”>Casio G-Shock timepiece, the GD100NS-7, and officially joined the http://casio.com” … READ MORE