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The Simpsons – Watch Every Episode #EVERYSIMPSONSEVER Marathon | Starts Today

This might be the #BestWeekEver as cable channel http://fxx.com” target=”_blank”>FXX starts its http://thesimpsons.com” target=”_blank”>The Simpsons http://fxx.com/thesimpsons” target=”_blank”>#EVERYSIMPSONSEVER Marathon today. That’s every episode from the very first “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire” up to the last season’s “The Yellow Badge of Cowardge”, for the next 12-day to … READ MORE


The Simpsons x Family Guy – Crossover Episode | Preview

In its battle for rating and television viewership, http://fox.com” target=”_blank”>FOX Broadcasting Company might’ve just “outfoxed” the competition over the weekend when it previewed the upcoming http://thesimpsons.com/” target=”_blank”>The Simpsons + http://fox.com/familyguy/” target=”_blank”>Family Guy crossover episode. First mentioned on trade publication http://freshnessmag.com/2013/07/22/the-simpsons-and-family-guy-appearing-together/” target=”_blank”>Variety last summer, the much anticipated episode … READ MORE


Kidrobot x The Simpsons Homer Buddha – Metallic Silver | Available Now

To achieve the state of Nirvana might be as simple as getting a donut… at least for Homer… In the celebration of http://thesimpsons.com” target=”_blank”>The Simpsons’ 25th anniversary this year, specialty toy brand http://bit.ly/U6Dere” target=”_blank”>Kidrobot just re-introduced its http://freshnessmag.com/2012/09/06/kidrobot-x-the-simpsons-homer-buddha-available-now/” target=”_blank”>7-inch Homer Buddha figurine, now dressed in metallic silver. … READ MORE


The Simpsons x Moleskine – Numbered Notebook with Homer Simpson

Ahead of http://thesimpsons.com” target=”_blank”>The Simpsons‘ 25th Anniversary, http://moleskine.com” target=”_blank”>Moleskine just released its fifth installment to http://shop.moleskine.com/en-us/special-collections/limited-editions/the-simpsons/” target=”_blank”>The Simpsons x Moleskine series. Limited to just 9,999 copies worldwide, the white cover lined notebook features a silver foil debossed image of Homer Simpson in his thinking mode (and holding … READ MORE


The Simpsons Recreates Ellen DeGeneres’ Famous Oscar Selfie Photo

Always up to date current events (albeit with a comical twist), http://thesimpsons.com” target=”_blank”>The Simpsons unveiled what really happened on the now https://twitter.com/TheEllenShow/status/440322224407314432/photo/1″ target=”_blank”>famous selfie photo by http://ellentv.com” target=”_blank”>Ellen DeGeneres during her http://oscars.org” target=”_blank”>Oscar hosting duty. Packed from frame to frame with Hollywood celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, … READ MORE

The Simpsons x Moleskine - Notebook Collection 00

The Simpsons x Moleskine – Notebook Collection

As the longest running television show, http://thesimpsons.com”>The Simpsons has touched more people since its humble beginnings in 1989. The lovable dysfunctional family is the latest collaborator of http://moleskine.com”>Moleskine, and here is the preview of the products. It is not certain how many characters from the popular show … READ MORE


The Simpsons and Family Guy Appearing Together

In an upcoming episode of http://fox.com/” target=”_blank”>FOX’s http://fox.com/familyguy/” target=”_blank”>Family Guy, two of the best cartoon comedy franchises are set to finally meet face-to-face in what will be a historic (yes, this is tv history) crossover show with http://thesimpsons.com/” target=”_blank”>The Simpsons. While we’ll have to wait quite some … READ MORE


Homer and Marge Simpson As… | By Alexsandro Palombo

Just last week, we saw the humorist’s approach to pop culture when Amsterdam-base artist http://freshnessmag.com/2012/01/13/spongebob-squarepants-as-by-mike-frederiqo/” target=”_blank”>Mike Frederiqo re-imagined SpongeBob SquarePants as Coco Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Terry Richardson, and more… That witticism continues on this week with http://thesimpsons.com” target=”_blank”>Homer and http://thesimpsons.com” target=”_blank”>Marge Simpson as some of fashion world’s … READ MORE