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House Industries – Richard Sachs Exhibition at Rapha Cycle Club NYC

Tomorrow at New York City’s Rapha Cycle Club, a new retrospective dedicated to acclaimed bicycle frame builder Richard Sachs is set to kick off. The month-long exhibition, designed by House Industries, walks viewers through Sach’s industrial evolution, starting from his early days as an apprentice to present day, where the … READ MORE


House Industries – Photolettering App

In the letterpress days, graphic designers paid special attention to fonts and the art of typography. Although, fonts and typography are critical to digital media, the art form is slowly loosing the battle to digitization. House Industries is somewhat of a font fanatic, even by graphic designer’s … READ MORE


House Industries x MEDICOM TOY BE@RBRICK

Graphic design specialist House Industries was commissioned by MEDICOM TOY to create a tenth anniversary BE@RBRICK logo as well as a fifteenth anniversary logo for MEDICOM TOY itself. Illustrators Andy Cruz and Ken Barber put pencil to paper to create the designs, and the finished works were … READ MORE