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HUMAN MADE – Hot Dog Club Varsity Jacket

Any cinephile who knows his ’80s ski movies can tell you that the term “hot dog” means to show off, and one can do just that in this Hot Dog Club Varsity Jacket from Human Made. The new venture from A Bathing Ape founder Nigo is steeped … READ MORE


HUMAN MADE – Patch Jacket

NIGO has always had a keen interest in American vintage clothing, and HUMAN MADE was established to bring the deadstock pieces back to life. Of course, this is not a mere recreation of the pieces; these reissues are sprinkled with NIGO’s undeniable personality. Warehouse Japan replicated a … READ MORE


HUMAN MADE By NIGO – Gallery & Store Taipei

Just a few short months following the opening of his HUMAN MADE flagship in Tokyo, NIGO has taken his fledgling heritage brand overseas for the first time and launched a combination gallery and retail space in Taiwan. Situated on the second floor of The Complete Studio, Taipei’s … READ MORE


NOWNESS – NIGO Talks About His New Vintage Inspired Label: Human Made

As NIGO, the trailblazing streetwear designer behind A Bathing Ape, readies his newest venture, Human Made, to be sold overseas for the first time, NOWNESS accompanied him on a shopping trip to London’s Vintage Showroom. During the course of the interview, Nigo reveals that the vintage-inspired Human … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 2/27/2011 3/06/2011

The focus this week depends a bit on perspective; there were a number of notable announcements, spanning a number of themes. For the Cult of Mac, the biggest event this week was obviously Tuesday’s unveiling of the iPad 2, by Steve Jobs, who came off a leave … READ MORE


BAPE Store Beijing – Grand Opening | Event Recap

The New Year celebration started early in the city of Beijing as A Bathing Ape and its distributor I.T. opened the doors to BAPE Store Beijing just a few hours ago. Despite the prior confusion about the time of the opening, mostly due to a typo on … READ MORE


HUMAN MADE By NIGO – Official Website Update

“Where are you in the 2010′s?” asked the headline.  For the large part of the last 2 decades, Nigo, the impresario of Tokyo’s urban scene, navigated his A Bathing Ape franchise through trend and hype of various sorts. But even he knows that fashion is a cyclical … READ MORE

Deck Sneakers Black

HUMAN MADE – Deck Sneakers

It is a well known fact that BAPE founder and an all round entrepreneur NIGO is an avid collector of almost everything from American pop culture. He collects clothes, toys, art, signage and even point of sale items and this love for the vintage design from by … READ MORE