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Awesome Do-It-Yourself Sneaker Display Shelf with Items From IKEA

We thought Albert Hei’s giant Nike box was pretty impressive but this guy might give him a run for his money. Some creative genius (with quite a bit of free time) over at IKEA Hackers has made a sneaker display case using your everyday run-of-the-mill furniture pieces … READ MORE


IKEA Catalog Ad Parodies Apple | Video

With an interface 7.5-inches by 8-inches, an eternal battery life, and 328-pages of pre-installed content, unlike Apple devices, the new 2015 IKEA Catalog isn’t a digital book; it’s a “book book.” Boasting many of the same features as their electronically advanced peers, the new catalog also comes with … READ MORE


IKEA – Solar Panels to Be Sold in All UK Locations

IKEA is embarking on a new milestone in the green energy market with plans to sell solar panels at all of its British locations. With the United Kingdom already implementing subsidies for environmentally green energy resources, it only makes sense that IKEA, the world’s biggest furniture retailer, … READ MORE


IKEA – A New Kind of Catalog | Video

For those who can’t wait for IKEA‘s 2013 print catalog, shipping to homes sometime in August, they’ll have access to a digital version launching on July 31st, as well as an IKEA Catalog App for smartphones and tablets featuring augmented reality. What this means is that users … READ MORE


IKEA Premiere of UPPLEVA: All-In-One Home Media Center | Video

For countless years consumers have turned to IKEA for affordable TV stands and home theater furnishings, but now the world’s largest furniture retailer introduces the Uppleva, an HDTV home theater system pre-packaged with its own self-branded TV. The base unit includes a “smart” 1080p LED TV, Blu-ray … READ MORE


IKEA KNÄPPA – Cardboard Digital Camera

IKEA is introducing its environmentally-friendly furniture line by giving out these functioning cardboard digital cameras. Dubbed the Knappa, the recyclable shooter is made from one piece of folded cardboard secured by two plastic screws. The device runs on two AA batteries and takes about 40 pictures at … READ MORE


IKEA – Career Instruction: Assemble Your Future | Video

In the movie “Fight Club”, director David Fincher made a point in visualizing author Chuck Palahniuk‘s description of how modern lifestyle was becoming a reflection of the IKEA catalog. Well, the latest marketing idea from IKEA Australia isn’t too far from that. For a recruitment drive of … READ MORE