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Incase Bird’s Nest Snap Case – Pop Pink + Techno Blue

The Bird’s Nest Snap Case from Incase is not an entirely new design, however they have come up with two new colorways – Techno Blue and Pop Pink – which are being sold alongside the previously-launched Black and Steel versions. An original woven pattern is cut out … READ MORE


Incase – Terra Collection

Last series of bags from the Incase Spring 2012 _Anywhere campaign is the Terra Collection that comes in two new colorways, Powder Grey and Blue Denim. In fact, this collection saw its debut last season and it included Campus Packs, Tote Bags, and Laptop Sleeves in three … READ MORE


Incase – Camera Collection

With abundance of technology these days, almost everyone can be categorized as a photographer. Whether it is with Instagram, point and shoot or professional grade DSLR camera, we are participants to the photographic phenomena in one way or another. Incase might have noticed the recent surge, in … READ MORE


Incase – Range Collection

Incase have unveiled their Spring 2012 collection dubbed, Anywhere. The blank refers to the action emphasized by each series of products, and the first pack we are previewing is the Range Collection. Inspired by exploration and adventure, this collection is made up of Range Backpacks, Range Messenger … READ MORE


Incase – Thermo Snap Case

Incase has debuted its new Thermo Snap Case for the iPhone 4/4s and, as its name suggests, this case features a heat-activated┬áfinish that takes us back to the early 90′s with one of the world’s most advanced gadgets. The Thermo Snap Case is constructed of a durable … READ MORE


Incase – Animal iPhone Snap Case

Animal patterns are definitely here to stay, as proven by a number of brands taking a liking to the wild patterns–although, Incase decided to add their own twist with their Animal snap cases. Two distinct designs were produced for the iPhone 4 & 4S snap cases, including … READ MORE


Incase – Chrome + Monochrome + Metallic Cases

Just in time for the festive season, Incase have launched some new cases for the iPhone 4/4S. The extensive collection is made up of Chrome Snap Cases, Monochrome Slide Cases and Metallic Snap Cases in a variety of colors. Not only will these improve the appearance of … READ MORE


Andy Warhol x Incase – New Snap Case Collection

Andy Warhol made art about pop culture and in return Warhol and his artworks have become part of popular culture now. Although many of are unable to acquire his paintings, Incase has certainly made it easier to accessorize your gadgets with his works. Five new snap case … READ MORE


Incase x Ryan McGinness – Capsule Collection

Join artist Ryan McGinness on his cosmic expedition in this latest capsule collection from Incase. Billed as part of “The Black Hole Series”, McGinness explores the space and time-bending nature of event horizons, where matter, light, and all known substances are thrown into a single point of … READ MORE


Incase – Leather iPad 2 Case

The casual aesthetics of the basic iPad 2 cases from Incase have been revamped for a much more premium feel. The Leather Portfolio and Leather Book Jacket Select are their popular cases, and the outer material has been upgraded with genuine leather materials. Each hide is bathed … READ MORE


Incase x BEAMS – BEAMS Pack

Japanese fashion giant BEAMS teaming up with Incase to create an exclusive versions of their popular Campus Pack. Natural colored canvas and denim materials make up the outer shell of and underneath the pack, premium leather materials offer protection and durability. Inside the bag, orange colored inner … READ MORE