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Protein – INSA “Summer Spectrum” GIF-ITTI Project | Event Recap

Continue his effort in spreading the gospel of GIF-ITTI, London-base graffiti artist INSA took part in the opening of Animate Everything, an exhibition curated by creative agency Protein. To explore hidden yet growing realm of GIF format animations and other digital-base mediums, Protein asked 20 artists to … READ MORE


INSA – “Online Love” GIF-ITTI Project At White Walls

Straight after his exhibition at Upper Playground, INSA embarked upon a mural project at White Walls of UNIT 44. Certainly this wasn’t the first mural done by the artist, but it was an opportunity to “experiment” at bit. Titled as “Online Love”, the creative is known as … READ MORE


FIFTY24SF – INSA Prints and Artworks | Available Now

British artist INSA stepped on US soil earlier this month for the opening of his first ever exhibition in San Francisco, at the famed FIFTY24SF Gallery. The exhibition will end on the last day of this month and the artworks and prints are currently ready to find … READ MORE


INSA MORE Exhibition at FIFTY24SF Gallery

INSA started out as a graffiti writer in the back streets of London and now he has broaden his audience by capturing the hearts of fans around the world. He has been in California for some time now and have completed several large scale outdoor murals in … READ MORE

insa graffit fetish set summary

INSA – “Graffiti Fetish’ Tea Set

“Graffiti,” “Fetish,” and “tea set” are getting thrown together for the first time. Click For Art, the UK-based producer of artist multiples, has created a line of limited edition tea sets, with this version designed by their fellow-Englishman INSA. The artist and designer is best known to … READ MORE


INSA – High Heels & Low Life Exhibition | EXTRABOLD Gallery

UK graffiti writer turned artist INSA is at it again with another small exhibition at EXTRABOLD in Luxembourg. Inside the compact gallery space was a image wall of fame, an archive of works by INSA, spanned the horizon on one side. Other works on display were four … READ MORE


INSA – Custom Dunk Ethel 2010

The master of high heels and sneaker fetish, INSA from London is at it again customizing the classic Nike Dunk for a latest group exhibition. The Dunk Ethel 2010 is a one off pair that uses a pink/gray Dunk as a base and the toe box, side … READ MORE


INSA – TATE Britain Bring the Noise Exhibition

TATE Britain is hosting a side event entitled Bring the Noise that respond and resonate with the exhibition of Chris Ofili. Bring the Noise is a free event with limited capacity bringing together artists and musicians alike providing performances, events and workshops. London’s writer and artist INSA … READ MORE


INSA – Website Relaunch

INSA can be described as artist, graffit writer, designer and much more  but the new website he has launched shows up to date current portfolio of works. More photos have been included as well as updated press section  featuring publications that have picked up or   interviewed … READ MORE