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Scrawl – 3D Drawing in Augmented Reality | Video

Doodling is now an art form on a whole new level and dimension with a new application, Scrawl. Scrawl allows anyone to create real 3D drawing in augmented reality on an iPhone with multitouch. Just by swiping your fingers across the screen to create an image, the … READ MORE


Casio G-SHOCK iPhone App

Brought to you from Casio G-SHOCK directly onto your iPhone, the G-SHOCK App allows you to fully experience the watch’s toughness and functions without the hefty price tag. The G-SHOCK App provides users with not only the functionality of a standard G-SHOCK watch, but it also includes … READ MORE

New York Times - Top 10 iPhone Apps 2

New York Times – Top 10 iPhone Apps

Courtesy of Bob Tedeschi, resident Smart Phone guru at the New York Times, is a list of the Top Ten iPhone Apps that are unique to smart phones -apps that make smart phones so uniquely useful. Tedeschi’s list includes only the best apps that provide services or … READ MORE


TekTrak iPhone Application – Never Lose Your iPhone

Even if you do have insurance from Asurion for your iPhone, losing it mean having to go through a copious amount of paper work and shelling out 200 dollars for a replacement. But then again, it doesn’t even guarantee you will have all your food pictures and … READ MORE


Rapha – Rendesvouz | iPhone Application

Specialized cycling clothing and accessories brand Rapha has recently stepped out of the box to create an iPhone app that can enhance their fans’ cycling experience. Rapha’s iPhone app called Rendezvous is a unique app in which you can designate meeting points with your friends, without having … READ MORE


Google Earth iPhone App Takes You Under The Sea

Remember the man who discovered a shipwreck through Google Earth? Granted there were a lot of treasures and gold and controversy involved, it is still comforting to know that perhaps, if we spend enough time procrastinating on Google Earth spying on our neighbors…we mean, learning about the … READ MORE


Star Wars – Vader Yourself | iPhone Application

Picture this: you are in a crowded meeting. Everyone is chattering away and for some reason, perhaps because it’s ten minutes away from lunch time, perhaps it’s the plane flying past the window, or Godzilla, you just can’t get people’s attention. Now, imagine if you had a … READ MORE


iPhone Camera Applications + Accessories

The folks over at Cool Hunting lives up to their name and can always compile what’s best. This time around, in celebration of the iPhone 4 and its updated five megapixel rear camera with LED flash, Cool Hunting has compiled some of the key iPhone Camera Applications … READ MORE


The North Face Trailhead iPhone Application

Fall is the season to wander, and earlier on, Timberland had launched a free iPhone application to help those with the wanderlust figure out the best hiking trails in cities. Now, The North Face has joined in the game, and in took the concept to a new … READ MORE


Apple iOS 4 For iPhone + iPod | Available Now

Still kicking yourself for not pre-ordering the Apple iPhone 4 earlier? Or mad at carrier AT&T for its network debacle? This “may” just be the consolation prize the Apple iOS 4. Formerly the iPhone OS 4, Apple‘s CEO Steve Jobs re-christened it to iOS 4 at WWDC … READ MORE


Kicktionary iPhone Application

“Do you remember a few years back there was this black and white with green striped Air Force 1…or it might be a Blazer…or could it be something else? Wait, what’s that pair of shoe called? Is it even Nike?” Perhaps a conversation or mind boggling moment … READ MORE