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All City: The Street Art iPhone App

There has always been a controversy about where graffiti art belongs these days. Does it belong in the museum? Does it belong in the commercial realm? Or does it, against all evolution and change, should still belong to the people and the streets, despite being subjected to … READ MORE


eBoy – FixPix iPhone Puzzle Game

Pixelated wonderland indeed! After their propagation of their 3-D world on 2-D mediums,  eBoy (no affiliation with eBay) finally found the ideal canvas Apple iPhone. Worked in conjunction with app designer Delicious Toys, the eBoy FixPix is not just a simple App Game. With gentlest tilt, players … READ MORE


adidas Urban Art Guide | Hamburg

There has been a longstanding debate in the art world regarding the dichotomy of showcasing street art in museum space and leaving them in their natural habitat. While adidas doesn’t set out to resolve the debate, the sportswear giant does bring a new level of appreciation to … READ MORE


iPhone x Lego – Unofficial Driving Game Steering Kit | Video

Technology has always been about innovation and ideas stemming from a need. So what happens when a Lego fanatic meets gamer or vice versa. The result is a fun little steering kit that might be a fun little toy to play with. By no means is this … READ MORE


Nike Sportswear – True City iPhone App

Certain iPhone applications are handy but not quite reliable in all circumstances (yes, Google Maps), others encourage frugality (such as the free texting iPhone app) and some are nothing more than entertaining (iBeer, anyone?). The mountains of applications makes is sometimes difficult for good applications to stand … READ MORE


FatTag x Projector – How To Tag Any Building With Your iPhone | Video

You know that building with a blindingly empty wall that is still safely untarnished by Eva Mendes’ Calvin Klein lingerie clad body? Don’t you sometimes wish there is a way to put your artistic two cents on it without going through the hassle of… READ MORE


Nike – True City iPhone App | Teaser Video

By the end of summer 2009, there had been an estimated 9 million iPhone users in the US, and the numbers are still mounting currently. This impressive statistic gives labels and brands wonderful marketing ideas, as something as simple as an iPhone application can possibly have a 9 million user reach… READ MORE


Wallpaper City Guide For iPhone

The learned and well-traveled will be able to attest: there is a difference between a traveler and a tourist. While the traveler assimilates into a new culture and place with gracious ease, the tourist is slightly less elegant and often runs around wearing souvenir tees. While not … READ MORE


BMW – M Power Meter iPhone Application

BMW have gone an interesting route with it recognizing the Apple iPhone application as an useful tool. The M Power Meter provides the viewer with sprint times, distance and g-forces experienced. Using the accelerometer that is within the iPhone to calculate the various functions on the software. … READ MORE

Dust Tag v1.0 – Graffiti Analysis iPhone App | Video

Graffiti artists with iPhones have new reasons to celebrate the beloved Apple gadget — Graffiti Research Lab has created an iPhone app, Dust Tag v1.0 which enables artists to create, record and render 3D images of their creations all with finger taps. Dust Tag records the creation of a tag in motion… READ MORE


The North Face – Snow Report 2.0 | iPhone App

For snowboarders and skiers out there, the season of powder begins as slopes start to rev their lifts and open doors to the public. While many resorts and slopes are not yet open, we are pretty certain many are watching the weather conditions with hawk-like focus so … READ MORE