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VW Scirocco R Racing Game | iPhone Application

VW’s Scirocco R houses a 2.0L four-cylinder engine and tops at 265 mph, and speeds from 0-60 in six seconds. While not everyone will be enjoy the power of driving an actual VW Scirocco R, you can take the whip out on the racetracks without having to … READ MORE


Madden NFL 10 | iPhone Application

Still playing the most popular football game, Madden NFL, on your regular game consoles? iPhone users who are also football gaming fanatics can now rejoice! While watching college football and NFL (that is due to kick off very soon), you can be multitasking between commercial breaks and … READ MORE


Bell & Ross – IPhone + IPod Touch App

A relatively newcomer in the vaulted community of luxury timepiece, Bell & Ross set forth a focus on how watches function rather than its aesthetics. Comprised not only of seasoned watchmakers but also aerospace engineers, the design team’s ultimate goal is create timepiece that would truly withstand … READ MORE


FingerBeat – iPhone + iPod Touch App

Central to some techophile’s belief that technology will be the great equalizer, level the playing field in areas that were once reserved to a privileged few.  This is true in the case of FingerBeat, a new Apple iPhone App (and iPod Touch App) from The Elionze Group.  … READ MORE


Brake Lights – iPhone App

The relationship between your iPhone and transportation is no longer limited to Google Maps. Meet some of the new iPhone applications that will help enhance your ride if you already have your way around town figured out. The BrakeLights application will allow you to turn your iPhone … READ MORE


Hewlett Packard iPhone Calculators

Copying and pasting functions on iPhones seem so passe now with dozens of new applications that had flooded the iPhone market since the release of updates and iPhone 3GS. An interesting device and application for proud business professional iPhone owners had been released by Hewlette Packard to … READ MORE



To have a better idea of how the new MEDICOM TOY – BE@RBRICK W@TCH iPhone App works and the software’s interactivity. The software design firm, cayto, created a brief video in Tokyo’s train station to demonstrate its functions, where you will see the interaction between the end user and the virtual BE@RBRICK… READ MORE



Japanese toy maker and design firm MEDICOM TOY CO. just join in the fray as it produced its very first App software for the popular Apple iPhone. Co-created with cayto, a software company specialized in App programs, the MEDICOM TOY App, named BE@RBRICK W@TCH features a virtual … READ MORE