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IPEVO Perch Legs For Apple IPad

We hunch, slouch and struggle enough throughout the day to use our other devices, so it makes sense for IPEVO to design a set of iPad stands that give us more freedom to do our work. Coming in a desktop (S-Type), side stand (M-Type) and podium (L-Type) … READ MORE


IPEVO – Chopstakes – Pair of Multitouch Styli for Apple iPad

Operating under the premise that two must be better than one, IPEVO presents their Chopstakes — a pair of styli that resemble, as the name suggests, the type  of silverware found in a sushi restaurant. Except you’ll be using these for drawing apps or multi-touch game play … READ MORE


IPEVO – Typi Folio Case + Wireless Keyboard for Apple iPad 2

It all started when industrial designers at IPEVO realized the potential market for intuitively designed peripherals and communication devices for Skype. Several Red Dot, iF, ID, and the occasional Engadget awards later, IPEVO is moving on to the next tech sensation, the Apple iPad, with its Typi … READ MORE


IPEVO – Tubular Wireless Speakers

Electronic products manufacturer IPEVO have introduced their latest set of Tubular Wireless Speakers that function as a Bluetooth operated device maintaining simplicity. This speaker is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled music player and the player then becomes a remote control. The 3 + 3 watt speakers provide … READ MORE

IPEVO – XING Skype Conference Phone

As a recent participant in the Freshness’ INTERMIX art exhibition, Royce Hong is known as a talented artist as well as a creative industrial designer. A graduate of the prestigious Art Center College of Design, the designs by his firm, XRANGE, have won accolades, including the esteemed iF … READ MORE