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IPEVO Perch Legs For Apple IPad

We hunch, slouch and struggle enough throughout the day to use our other devices, so it makes sense for http://ipevo.com” target=”_blank”>IPEVO to design a set of iPad stands that give us more freedom to do our work. Coming in a desktop (http://ipevo.com/prods/IPEVO_Perch_Desktop_Stand_for_iPad” target=”_blank”>S-Type), side stand (http://ipevo.com/prods/IPEVO_Perch_Sofa_Side_Stand_for_iPad” target=”_blank”>M-Type) … READ MORE


IPEVO – Chopstakes – Pair of Multitouch Styli for Apple iPad

Operating under the premise that two must be better than one, http://ipevo.com/” target=”_blank”>IPEVO presents their Chopstakes — a pair of styli that resemble, as the name suggests, the type  of silverware found in a sushi restaurant. Except you’ll be using these for drawing apps or multi-touch game … READ MORE


IPEVO – Typi Folio Case + Wireless Keyboard for Apple iPad 2

It all started when industrial designers at http://ipevo.com” target=”_blank”>IPEVO realized the potential market for intuitively designed peripherals and communication devices for http://skype.com” target=”_blank”>Skype. Several Red Dot, iF, ID, and the occasional Engadget awards later, IPEVO is moving on to the next tech sensation, the Apple iPad, with … READ MORE


IPEVO – Tubular Wireless Speakers

Electronic products manufacturer http://ipevo.com/Tubular-Wireless-Speakers_p_75.html”>IPEVO have introduced their latest set of Tubular Wireless Speakers that function as a Bluetooth operated device maintaining simplicity. This speaker is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled music player and the player then becomes a remote control. The 3 + 3 watt speakers provide … READ MORE

IPEVO – XING Skype Conference Phone

As a recent participant in the Freshness’ http://freshnessmag.com/v4/2006/06/11/proton-x-freshness-intermix/”>INTERMIX art exhibition, Royce Hong is known as a talented artist as well as a creative industrial designer. A graduate of the prestigious http://artcenter.edu/” target=”_blank”>Art Center College of Design, the designs by his firm, http://xrange.net/” target=”_blank”>XRANGE, have won accolades, including the … READ MORE