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James Jarvis – Video Interview

Here is a 12 minute interview with James Jarvis, one of the key influential people in creating the vinyl toy craze that we see today amongst hypebeasts and streetwear enthusiasts. The artist hailing from the UK talks briefly about his start in 1994 as a freelance illustrator … READ MORE


STRANGEco x James Jarvis – SDCC Exclu. King Kun

As thousands of fans plan out their descend on this years San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), designer toy label STRANGEco along with artist James Jarvis will be making a very limited quantities of King Kun available for purchase at the convention. Derived from the blending of Japanese … READ MORE


Dopefiend – Interview with James Jarvis

Excerpted from Dopefiend: James Jarvis is seriously one of our favourite artists. Known for his cartoonlike comics, vinyl toys and the incredible characters we’ve come to know and love (Harvey and Jubs, The Young Ruffians, Evil Martin, The In-Crowd), he’s definately an Englishman with style. As the … READ MORE