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Nike Tennis 2011 U.S. Open Collection For Serena Williams

An all-American athlete will need an all-American outfit. And so, http://niketennis.com” target=”_blank”>Nike Tennis Creative Director Janice Lucena rose to challenge in the creation of http://serenawilliams.com” target=”_blank”>Serena Williams’ new http://usopen.org” target=”_blank”>U.S. Open Collection. In Williams’ new Smash Hard Court Dress, attentions been paid around the chest and shoulders. … READ MORE


Nike Vapor 8 Tour – 2011 U.S. Open Edition For Roger Federer

Feel right at home on the abrasive hard surfaces on http://usopen.org” target=”_blank”>U.S Open, the http://niketennis.com” target=”_blank”>Nike Vapor 8 Tour’s XDR outsole will be the perfect weapon in http://rogerfederer.com” target=”_blank”>Roger Federer’s arsenal for him to take back his title. The lightweight Flywire along with perforated TPU film upper … READ MORE


Nike Tennis 2011 U.S. Open Collection For Roger Federer

As Hurricane Irene slowly dissipated into thin air, the world’s best tennis players have converged for the fourth and final Gand Slam tournament of the year, the http://usopen.org/” target=”_blank”>U.S. Open Tennis Championship in New York City. With no Grand Slam title for the year, http://rogerfederer.com” target=”_blank”>Roger Federer, currently … READ MORE


Nike Tennis 2011 Wimbledon Collection For Roger Federer

Of the four Grand Slam championships in tennis, only http://wimbledon.com” target=”_blank”>Wimbledon lacked the word “open”.  Partly because the feat to play on the http://wimbledon.com” target=”_blank”>All England Club’s grass courts itself is already an unique experience.  The oldest among the four and considered by many to be the … READ MORE