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Kanye West & Jay-Z “Watch The Throne” Tour | Behind The Scenes Look By Tommy Ton

He is one of the most talked-about photographers today, primarily because of his uncanny ability to capture “the moment” in stylized fashion, despite the sometimes unpredictable setting. There are no test shots, no assistants with Broncolor setup, or last-minute choreography with the subject–it’s just you and what … READ MORE


VOYR – Kanye West & Jay-Z “Watch The Throne” Video Diary | Behind The Scenes Look 2

Kanye West & http://lifeandtimes.com/”>Jay-Z give us another glimpse into their life on the latest upload from the http://watchthethrone.com/”>Watch The Throne Video Diary series on http://voyr.com/”>VOYR. For this video entry, Mr. West takes us back to his roots in Chicago. While their hit track, Otis, plays in the … READ MORE


Nike LeBron 9 Watch The Throne | Detailed Look

Sneaker aficionados worldwide were agog at the initial images of the http://freshnessmag.com/2011/11/15/nike-lebron-9-watch-the-throne/” target=”_blank”>Nike LeBron 9 “Watch the Throne” when they surfaced online a month ago. As much as we claim to favor clean lines and classic styling, the incontrovertible truth is that many of us are drawn … READ MORE


VOYR – Kanye West & Jay-Z “Watch The Throne” Video Diary | Behind The Scenes Look

“There are music fans. And there are true fans. Which one are you?” So blatantly asked http://voyr.com/” target=”_blank”>VOYR, a video diary kept by http://kanyewest.com” target=”_blank”>Kanye West while navigating the globe with http://lifeandtimes.com” target=”_blank”>Jay-Z on their http://watchthethrone.com” target=”_blank”>Watch The Throne tour. It is just a mere tool for … READ MORE


Nike LeBron 9 – Watch The Throne

“This is luxury rap,” announced http://kanyewest.com/” target=”_blank”>Kanye West on the song “Otis.” His collaborative album with http://lifeandtimes.com” target=”_blank”>Jay-Z, Watch the Throne, signaled its intent early on, with a lavish gilded cover provided by http://givenchy.com/” target=”_blank”>GIVENCHY designer Riccardo Tisci. This wasn’t a mere hip hop album, this was … READ MORE


Kanye West & Jay-Z – “Watch The Throne” Tour | Behind The Scenes Video Diary

A way to keep fans updated on their Watch The Throne tour, http://kanyewest.com” target=”_blank”>Kanye West and http://lifeandtimes.com” target=”_blank”>Jay-Z opened up http://voyr.com/” target=”_blank”>VOYR.com, visual diary which documents everything that goes on behind the scene. Unedited and unfiltered, one can piece the overall feel of the hectic itinerary and … READ MORE


Def Jam 25th Anniversary Private Dinner With Jay-Z, Rick Rubin, and Russell Simmons

It’s difficult to believe it was a quarter-century ago that Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin founded http://defjam.com/” target=”_blank”>Def Jam Records out of Rubin’s dorm room at NYU. The label’s impact on popular music has been far-reaching enough that one could liken it to Motown in the 1960s. Last … READ MORE


Kanye West Debuts Nike Air Yeezy 2 Zen Grey @ MTV VMA

In between acrimonious Tweets from Tyler the Creator to Bruno Mars and appearance of http://ladygaga.com” target=”_blank”>Lady Gaga as alter ego Jo Calderone, last night’s http://mtv.com/ontv/vma/2011/” target=”_blank”>MTV VMAs filled the air wave with stunning surprises, like the supposedly impromptu “Otis” performance from http://lifeandtimes.com” target=”_blank”>Jay-Z and http://kanyewest.com” target=”_blank”>Kanye West. … READ MORE


Kanye West & Jay-Z – “Watch The Throne” Pop-Up Store | SoHo, NYC

From decal covered Hummers to mobile performance stage, the difficulty in commandeering New Yorkers’ attentions, even just for a second or two, is getting to be impossible. That is unless you’re http://lifeandtimes.com” target=”_blank”>Jay-Z and http://kanyewest.com” target=”_blank”>Kanye West. Under the guise of window covers, similar to http://givenchy.com” target=”_blank”>Riccardo … READ MORE


Kanye West & Jay-Z Feat. Otis Redding “Otis” | Video

In some ways http://watchthethrone.com/”>Watch the Throne is a return to big-time entertainment. In an age when austerity rules the day, with indie acts taking the place of blockbuster recording contracts and low-budget viral videos in lieu of high-production clips with million-dollar budgets, Jay-Z and Kanye want a … READ MORE


Kanye West & Jay-Z “Watch The Throne” Album Cover By Riccardo Tisci | Detailed Look

As the title implies a hidden power struggle, fashion designer Riccardo Tisci chiseled the cover to “Watch The Throne” into angular, faceted shapes on metallic gold backdrop. While it is rare for a creative director of a fashion house to take part in an album cover design, … READ MORE