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A Convergence of Art and Technology – Nike Flyknit Collective

Produced by: Dan Hwang Written by: John Kim This past summer we were all witness to Nike’s unmatched ability to change the game through a groundbreaking product release. The brand’s revolutionary Flyknit technology was used to create the Flyknit Racer and Flyknit Trainer+ running shoes, each featuring … READ MORE


Nike Bowery Stadium NYC Flyknit Collective by Jenny Sabin

Nike‘s Flyknit, their 1.2 ounce running shoe made from a seamless knit material, looks as if it was born in another time. It incorporates the flexibility, movement, and design of the human body as a bio-dynamic model and when you zoom in on it it almost looks cellular – … READ MORE


Nike Bowery Stadium NYC Flyknit Collective Workshop 1 | Event Recap

Athletes and innovators convened at Bowery Stadium last Saturday, May 19th, for the first in a series of Flyknit Collective Workshops. Architectural designer Jenny Sabin and Ben Shaffer, Studio Director at Nike‘s Innovation Kitchen, led the workshop with the goal of joining together “movement and creativity to … READ MORE