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Nike Air Seinfeld

If you weren’t too busy laughing at him and his handful of friends, acquaintances, and, of course, his best friend George Costanza, you may have noticed that the Jerry Seinfield had a knack for rocking some of the most classic kicks like no other during the show’s … READ MORE


Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Jerry Seinfeld & Ricky Gervais | Video

Perhaps growing restless in his semi-retirement, comedian Jerry Seinfeld is tackling a new challenge, the World Wide Web, with his new venture Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. The premise is awfully familiar to his sitcom fans – two comedians, driving in a different vintage car for each … READ MORE


Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – Jerry Seinfeld & Larry David | Video

The groundbreaking ’90s sitcom Seinfeld was often touted by its creators as a show about nothing, but if they were being completely honest with themselves they’d own up to the fact that the show was in fact about many different things. Consequential things, like commitment. Morality. Friendship. … READ MORE


RE-Fresh: Nike Driving Force (1989)

Produced by: Dan Hwang Written by: Jesse Carr For this installment of the RE-Fresh series, we take a look at our third Nike Force model, the Driving Force. We’ve already closely inspected the Air Force 180 worn by Charles Barkley and the Air Force 180 High Pump … READ MORE