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oki-ni – Japan Fundraiser Raffle Ticket

UK based online store oki-ni have taken matters into their own hands by organizing a Japan Fundraiser. Rather than opting for the standard charity product route, the ever so innovative store have managed to collect special edition items from their brands for a raffle draw. Thom Browne … READ MORE


Jil Sander x UNIQLO +J Collection – Fall/Winter 2010 | Available Now

A few seasons into Jil Sander and UNIQLO’s highly lauded collaboration, +J, (especially for Sander fans who have been awaiting the queen of minimalism’s return into the fashion world since the leaving saga with The Prada Group), Sander continues to prove that minimal and trimmed shall never … READ MORE


Jil Sander x UNIQLO +J Collection – Spring/Summer 2010 | Preview

There’s a good reason why clean, minimal, suave is a timeless look. The highly anticipated Jil Sander x UNIQLO collaboration which debuted this season had received tremendously wonderful response (slim-fitted button downs, trenches and voluminous puffer sporting exaggerated collars were flying out of UNIQLO’s SoHo flagship) and … READ MORE


Jil Sander x UNIQLO +J Collection | Available Now

After bits and slices of previews and sneak peeks that aren’t exactly enough to satisfy retail curiosity, the collection – +J (the collaboration of UNIQLO and Jil Sander)– so many stuck their necks out for is finally in stores for actual browsing, touching, trying and inevitably, purchasing. … READ MORE


Jil Sander x UNIQLO +J Collection – Fall 2009 | Lookbook

After weeks of slow distillation of information from one of the most anticipate UNIQLO collaboration just yet, Jil Sander’s J+ Collection for UNIQLO had just unveiled its Fall 2009 lookbook. Shot in a simple and timeless black and white to keep in line with Sander’s minimalist design … READ MORE


Jil Sander X UNIQLO – Fall 2009 – J+ Collection For Women

While we had previously previewed the Jil Sander X UNIQLO collaborative J+ line for men to satisfy enthusiastic anticipation, we are sure the ladies are left wondering, “What’s for us?”. Fret not, here are some first looks at the collection you practical minimalists have all been waiting … READ MORE


Jil Sander X UNIQLO – Fall 2009 – J+ Collection

Even though Jil Sander’s namesake brand doesn’t involve one of our favorite meticulous minimalist designers anymore, she will be deep in our hearts (and wardrobes) with her upcoming collaboration with Japanese retailer, UNIQLO. READ MORE


Jil Sander X UNIQLO – +J Collection – Coming This Fall

Just released today, the much anticipated new collaborative venture between Japanese retailer, UNIQLO, and German designer, Jil Sander, had been named +J. This collection also marks the highly awaited return of Sanders to the fashion industry after five years of hiatus. While Sander’s work at UNIQLO extends … READ MORE

Jil Sander - Sneakers

Jil Sander – Sneakers

A few within the high fashion industry wondered what would Raf Simons bring to the iconic label Jil Sander when he was named its creative director a few years back. After all, Simons’ forte, the minimalist silhouettes and monochrome colors, were pioneered by Jil Sander herself. Those … READ MORE