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Tenacious D – “The Roadie” Featuring Danny McBride | Video

The new seven-minute video from http://tenaciousd.com/” target=”_blank”>Tenacious D, entitled “The Roadie,” features http://hbo.com/eastbound-and-down/index.html” target=”_blank”>Eastbound & Down‘s Danny McBride as the D’s new roadie, Sebastian. Directed by Jody Hill, the clip begins with Jack Black and Kyle Gass interviewing Sebastian for a roadie/guitar tech position. Sebastian is a … READ MORE


Nike Basketball – KOBESYSTEM: Success for the Successful

A system for success catered to successful people, the http://nikebasketball.com” target=”_blank”>KOBESYSTEM is by far the most poignant motivational tool out today. More so than How to Win Friends and Influence People and certainly more effective than Oprah Winfrey sponsored program, The Secret. It is also the most … READ MORE