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John K. x Stussy: Guest Artist Series – Featuring Eddie Cruz as The Stussy Rat | Video

Known already as a man of multiple talents, Eddie Cruz of UNDFTD fame recently took on a role of a lifetime (sort of) as The Stussy Rat… For clarification, Cruz didn’t physically become the unofficial rodent for Stussy but rather through the magic of cartoon and the … READ MORE


John K. x Stussy: Guest Artist Series Capsule Collection

If you marked the career trajectory of John Kricfalusi, who goes by the name John K., you will find the Canadian-born animator have pushed against censorship more often than not. While he took inspirations from animators Bob Clampett and Tex Avery, both of Looney Tunes fame, Kricfalusi’s … READ MORE


John K x Stussy – Summer 2012 | Teaser

Following two successive collaborations with his most popular caricatures, Ren & Stimpy, animator John Kricfalusi (best known as John K) and label Stussy have something in the works for this weekend. While no details are given at this time, from the Twitter hashtag of #TrustTheRat, its likely … READ MORE