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Gourmet – Spring 2012 ‘Lifestyling’ | Video

In a humorous episode entitled Lifestyling, the gentlemen behind the footwear brand Gourmet takes us on a 24 like video, capturing their daily routine. The video lookbook works perfectly to showcase their Spring 2012 footwear in a subliminal way. In fact the clever execution of the story … READ MORE


Gourmet – Fall 2011 Collection | Delivery 2

There is no need to search high and low for them. Now, the complete Gourmet collection of footwear for Fall 2011 is available online. With this second delivery, it also marked the final shipment for Fall 2011 models as designers at Gourmet make the transition for Winter/Holiday … READ MORE


Gourmet – The 21 + The 21 MP Horween | Available Now

Just how much can you spruce-up the utilitarian appeal of the duck boots? Plenty actually, according to Gourmet and its two additions for Fall 2011,The 21 and The 21 MP with Horween Leather. The most noticeable alteration is the visible air unit mid-sole, though even the rubberized … READ MORE


Gourmet 3.0 – New Online Shopping Site

After a voyage to the Far East last month for its very first retail door in China, the folks at Gourmet returned State-side quickly in preparation for their new online store. Dubbed “Gourmet Version 3.0″ internally, the footwear redoubled its effort to make its fans’ shopping experience … READ MORE