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Jon Olsson – Drifting In Snow with 600-Horsepower Rebellion R2K Supercar

A vehicle made only possible by extreme skier http://jon-olsson.com” target=”_blank”>Jon Olsson’s imagination and Leif Tufvesson engineering know-hows, the Rebellion R2K supercar is a fully customized, one-of-one creation. Originally a http://ultimasports.co.uk” target=”_blank”>Ultima GTR, Tufvesson, the former chief engineer at http://koenigsegg.com” target=”_blank”>Koenigsegg, rebuilt the car to maximize its full … READ MORE


Audi A4 Avant Quattro – “Jon Olsson Camo” Edition | Available Now

The life of a professional skier is sure sweet, especially when you’re http://jon-olsson.com/” target=”_blank”>Jon Olsson. Not only you get to travel around the world with your bombshell girlfriend and enjoy free accommodations everywhere you go, your sponsors also provide you with all of the best gears available, … READ MORE


Lamborghini Aventador – “BAPE Arctic Camo” Custom | For Jon Olsson

http://lamborghini.com/” target=”_blank”>Lamborghini’s are exclusive enough as it is, but after http://jon-olsson.com/” target=”_blank”>Jon Olsson gets ahold of them, things are getting even more hot to handle. Back in 2011, Jon Olsson first demonstrated http://freshnessmag.com/2011/11/04/lamborghini-gallardo-ski-transporter-for-jon-olsson/” target=”_blank”>his Lamborghini Gallardo customization skills, where he wasn’t afraid to tweak the supercar to … READ MORE


Carbon Fiber Audi R8 Razor GTR For Jon Olsson

Professional freeskier and alpine ski racer http://jon-olsson.com/?p=8473″ target=”_blank”>Jon Olsson may hold the record for the most third place finishes in any ski-related sport, but his eye for aftermarket cars is one of the best in the business. Almost a year after we took a look at his … READ MORE


Lamborghini Gallardo ‘Ski Transporter’ For Jon Olsson

Not everyone is fortunate enough to hold the key to a http://lamborghini.com/”>Lamborghini; http://jon-olsson.com/”>Jon Olsson not only owns one, but is not afraid to tweak his Gallardo to his specific needs. This is the second time Olsson has taken on such a challenge and as it turns out, … READ MORE