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Coca-Cola by DRx Romanelli – Capsule Collection Launch Party | Event Recap

In one corner, there was KAWS and Jose Parla in the midst of a conversation. Stash was showing his son around while ROSTARR updated gallerist Jonathan Levine on the going-on. However, they weren’t there for gallery opening but a show of support for Darren Romanelli, aka Dr. … READ MORE


POSE + REVOK – “Uphill Both Ways” Exhibition | New York

Roger Gastman is curating the upcoming exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, bringing together two prolific graffiti artists in one show. Both POSE and REVOK are accomplished graffiti writers, known for their unique character work and striking typography styles. The latest show is entitled, Uphill Both Ways, where … READ MORE


“10 Years of Wooster Collective: 2003 – 2013″ Exhibition | NYC

Even though Wooster Collective was founded back in 2001, its online counterpart started in 2003. Initially launched to archive street art found in New York City, deriving its name from Wooster Street in SoHo. Now, a leading media in street art around the world, Wooster Collective decided … READ MORE


WK Interact – “WK 360″ Retrospective Exhibition | New York

WK Interact is a French street artist based in New York, who employs dynamic movements in his artwork. His style can be spotted in various areas of New York, and he has exhibited in major cities such as Tokyo, London, and Berlin over his 25-year career. Jonathan … READ MORE


HAROSHI – “Virtual Reality” Exhibition | Event Recap

Prolific Japanese artist, HAROSHI, celebrates 10 years in making artworks from used skateboard decks. Since the success of his last exhibition at Jonathan LeVine, HAROSHI returns to New York City again for his second solo exhibition entitled “Virtual Reality”. Those who are familiar with skateboarding will recognize … READ MORE


HAROSHI – “Virtual Reality” Exhibition | New York

Japanese artist HAROSHI is coming up the ranks in the contemporary art scene with his unusual take on creating sculptures and installations. Not only is his medium of choice, used skateboards, an eye-catching aspect of his work, but the complexity of his artworks is unlike that of … READ MORE


HAROSHI – Feet Sculpture with Transparent Skate Shoes

Tokyo-based artist Haroshi is known for his artwork featuring repurposed skate decks, but his latest creations use the multi-colored wood sculptures as something of a framing device for transparent skate shoes that anchor the individual pieces. The kicks are made up of a Nike Dunk, Vans Half … READ MORE


Shepard Fairey – All Tomorrow’s Parties Music Festival | Murals at Asbury Park

All Tomorrow’s Parties is a London-based organization that’s been promoting festivals in the UK, the United States and Australia since 1999. Its most recent event occurred during the last weekend in September in Asbury Park, New Jersey, with British band Portishead, seemingly risen from the dead, guest-curating … READ MORE