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OHWOW – It Ain’t Fair: Materialism Exhibition | Miami

It is that time of the year again, where the art world turns to Miami for the four-day art fair, Art Basel Miami. That means OHWOW will be hosting their own satellite exhibition at their space in the Miami Design District. Now in its fourth year, the … READ MORE


Standard Hotel x Jose Parla x OHWOW – Character Gestures | Video

If you are in Los Angeles area, yet you have not set foot inside OHWOW gallery to see the latest exhibition, Character Gestures by Jose Parla, then we suggest you do so today or tomorrow. The exhibition will be ending this Saturday, October 29th and there is … READ MORE


José Parlá – Character Gestures Exhibition at OHWOW | Los Angeles

OHWOW will be hosting the solo exhibition of José Parlá, showcasing his latest body of work. Character Gestures aims to explore his signature calligraphic text style over layered landscapes. ‘Character’ refers to the text, integrity and specific traits yet it also points to the performance of Parlá himself. … READ MORE


Curated by Arkitip Arkitip x Incase x Jose Parla

To see Jose Parla‘s artwork is to be enveloped, to be taken, where stratum of paints dictate a world of his own; a collusion of familiarity, especially that of language and spoken words, with the foreign, in sizes, colors, and definitions. As if Parla was a medium, … READ MORE


Reed Space – REDU: HOMEROOM Exhibition Opening | Event Recap

It is a known fact that despite numerous legislation and initiatives, the public school systems across United States are in dire straits. The current economic downturn exacerbates the situation even more, with municipalities shutting down not just extracurricular programs, but entire school as a whole. To address … READ MORE


Incase x José Parlá Curated by Arkitip | Preview

Incase worked with artist José Parlá on the eighth installment of Curated by Arkitip. The various Apple accessories will feature original artwork from three distinct pieces by Parlá. José Parlá is arguably one of the most influential artists within the art and street culture community and is … READ MORE